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Art School in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

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Art classes in Bangalore in the art school at FLUX offer fine arts classes. They include drawing classes, painting classes, sculpture classes and art and craft classes. But before you join them, you must ask a question to yourself…

Art Classes in Bangalore at Art School FLUX: Art and Craft Classes for Kids in Bangalore Indiranagar

Are you an artist at the core of your heart?

If so, you are born with an aptitude for pursuing fine arts. It may be either as a hobby or as a career in your life.

An art school is an institute that provides training in fine arts. Fine arts comprise drawing, painting, sculpture and allied art and craft disciplines.

Fine art colleges focus intensively on fine arts alone. Hence these are the best art colleges for learning the purest forms of fine arts.

Royal College of Art is the only art and design university in the world. It has been ranking first in QS World University Rankings for five consecutive years.

Delhi College of Art is considered to be the best art school in India.

If I spot an art school near me providing drawing classes for beginners, especially drawing classes near me for kids, classes near me for adults or else canvas painting classes near me; I would consider myself lucky for my entire family.

We run an art school in Bangalore at FLUX where we arrange the best faculty in the field of fine arts to train the art enthusiasts.

Art Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar in the Art School at FLUX

  • Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Mandala, Resin, Sand and Mural Classes for Toddlers, for 12 Years Old, for 13 Years Old and for Adults in Indiranagar Near Here

Art Classes In Bangalore Indiranagar In The Art School At Flux

Art classes in Art School at FLUX comprise drawing classes, painting classes, sculpture classes and art and craft classes.

Types of fine arts are drawing, painting and sculpture in the strictest sense of the term.

Also, the types of art styles by movement are contemporary, pop art, abstract expressionism, cubism, art deco, art nouveau, impressionism, post-impressionism, pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and surrealism.

Children instinctively have a deep interest in drawing, painting, sculpture and allied art and craft. That is why I always look out for art classes for kids near me including drawing classes near me for kids and painting classes for kids near me along with art and craft classes near me for kids.

Art classes at FLUX are most centrally located in the entertainment hub of the city where everyone keeps coming for various other purposes. Once people are here, they always find these classes very near to them!

Drawing Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar in the Art School at FLUX

  • Cartoon Sketching Institute Near Me

  • Most Affordable Fees

Drawing Classes In Bangalore Indiranagar In The Art School At Flux

Do you have the aptitude for drawing?

How do you feel when you are able to draw a person’s face in a few minutes and put it in front of her or him with all the expressions intact?

More than you, it’s going to be the person who will get mesmerized by the skill you have in your hands!

Drawing is essentially a line representation of an image done with the help of many instruments like sketching pencils to create drawings of nature, easy drawing for kids, pencil sketch drawing, flowers to draw, drawing images of cartoon et cetera.

Drawing ideas are the basic raw material for pencil drawings images and pictures.

Also, drawing is generally done on a paper but any other material like wood, plastic, leather, canvas, board and even a wall can be used for the purpose.

In fact drawing has been a medium of communication even before language was invented and formed. Early cavemen used drawing to express themselves in more than one ways.

Drawing has been the most basic foundation for the artistic expression especially since the paper became available in the 14th century.

Want to learn this art to its perfection?

You must, if you consider yourself an artist!

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Painting Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar in the Art School at FLUX

  • One Stroke Portrait, Oil Painting, Tanjore Style Paining and Stained Glass Paining Near My Location

Painting Classes

Are you a man or a woman of colors?

Playing with colors makes life colorful too as well as you!

Try learning painting and you will see it for yourself.

How to make paintings?

In fact the most creative way to make paintings is to look at what you want to paint as a spread of colors in two dimensions in the eye of your mind.

Once you have a pictorial perspective of the shapes defined by their shades and colors, try to recreate the same with the colors you have at your disposal.

You may also have an abstract idea in your mind which you could imagine giving a two-dimensional visual shape.

In the beginning, you may get disappointed with your early results. But with continued practice you will certainly be able to see much better results of your artistic efforts.

What are the types of painting?

The types of paintings are oil painting, pastel painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, ink painting, hot wax painting, fresco painting, gouache painting, enamel painting, spray painting, tempera painting, water miscible oil painting and digital painting.

Western and Indian Painting Styles:

Western painting styles comprise modernism, impressionism, expressionism, abstract, photorealism and surrealism.

On the other hand, Indian painting styles include Oriya school Bengal school, Kangra, Madhubani, Mysore, Rajput, Mughal, Samikshavad, Tanjore, Warli and Kerala mural painting.

Which styles and types of painting would you like to learn?

Come to Art School at FLUX and you will be able to get the right suggestions.

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Sculpture Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar in the Art School at FLUX

  • Learn Sculpting, Clay Modelling and Making 3-D structures


Ever wonder if you can learn sculpting life-size 3-D sculptures?

Sculpture art is a 3 dimensional art. It’s either carved out from stone or wood or else through modelling in clay, metal or ceramic.

Moses and David sculptures by Michelangelo are great examples of famous sculpture by equally famous sculptors.

What are the types of sculpture?

Traditionally there have been five types of sculpture, namely carved sculpture, modeled sculpture, molded sculpture, cast sculpture and assembled sculpture.

Another classification speaks of 3 types of sculpture, namely freestanding sculpture, relief sculpture and kinetic sculpture.

But modern contemporary art has given rise to some non-traditional types of sculpture as well. These include sound sculpture, light sculpture, environmental sculpture, street art sculpture and kinetic art sculpture to name a few.

On the other hand, modern sculpture movements follow the lines of cubism, surrealism, futurism, geometric abstraction, abstract expressionism and minimalism among others.

Sculpture artists are very rare to find. Hence if you learn this rare art in our sculpture classes, you are going to be much in demand!

Why not join sculpture classes at FLUX and start your journey into this great art!

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Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar in the Art School at FLUX

  • Classes, Workshops and Courses for Kids, Teachers and Ladies

Art And Craft

Arts and crafts are very popular among ladies and children mostly for decorative purposes. In fact they aim at making beautiful things manually with their own hands.

Art and craft with paper is one of the most popular craft activities including origami. Actually origami is a traditional Japanese art of paper folding. It also includes paper crafts flowers which at times look as real as actual flowers if crafted expertly.

New, unique and original art and craft ideas are easy to develop. Everyday people from all over the world keep coming up with interesting arts and crafts ideas. They share them with as many people as possible on places like YouTube and many more.

Art and craft ideas from waste material are also very popular.

Also, any new art and craft ideas for kids can go really viral if they are designed like new art and craft ideas for teachers.

Types of paper crafts include scrapbooking, card making, paper flowers, papier mache, origami, paper cutting, quilling and paper making through recycling waste paper into clean sheets of paper again.

Art and craft sessions at FLUX are way more interesting in person than they sound to be with the help of words explaining them.

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Join these classes and experience for yourself!

Call us on 9606555607 now.


How many types of art classes are available at FLUX?

At FLUX, we offer various different types of art classes including drawing and sketching classes, painting classes, sculpture classes, and art and craft classes.

I want my children to join art classes. Do you also teach kids?

Yes, we do. We have a special kids club in which we regularly teach kids drawing, painting and art & craft. They love the kids club. Just follow this link and learn more about the kids club.

How do I join your art classes?

Simply give us a call on 9606555607 and we will take things further from there.

Is your kids club for art classes alone?

No, we also teach them other arts including dance, yoga, theatre, storytelling, gymnastics and many more kinds of arts.

Do you provide to them all the year long?

Yes, our kids club runs regularly all through the year. Also, in their summer holidays, we run a summer camp as well.

What are your charges for kids’ art classes?

We charge Rs 4,000/month and provide not only the art classes but also every other activity that happens there in the kids club.

What are your charges for adults?

Our charges are the same Rs 4,000/month for adults as well.

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Exclusive Art Classes in Bangalore in the Art School at FLUX
Exclusive Art Classes In Bangalore In The Art School At Flux

Art classes in Bangalore in the art school at FLUX offer drawing classes, painting classes, sculpture classes & art and craft classes.

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