About Us: World Vision, Commitment, Strength & Genres | FLUX

About Us: Our Vision, Our Commitment, Our Strength, Our Genres | Sahiba Singh, Founder Of Flux

Director’s Note

Life’s only constant is a never-ending state of change. Flux takes inspiration from the dynamic nature of life in an attempt to embrace the entropy of the 21st Century.

The vision at Flux is to find the path of least resistance and discover flow and ease in a life full of shifts and surprises. We do this by finding oneness with the body through movement and authentic expression, theater, writing and the arts.

We at Flux tap into the healing and transformative abilities of our body and the creative mind to empower a community to live their best lives through the arts.

Here you will find a bird’s eye view of everything about us and about FLUX, starting from Our Vision, moving on to Our Commitment, Our Strength and Our Genres.

FLUX in The Making: An Arts Community in Bangalore Indiranagar

Our Vision | FLUX

FLUX is a collaborative arts community that welcomes ideas, passion and curious minds with open arms. It is a community that believes in Art for Change. It strongly believes that the only way to heal the world is through artistic collaborations and genuine conversations to raise awareness. This way we can find solutions to the problems we face on our planet.

Our Planet: Our Vision and Our Worldview

Our Vision, Our Commitment, Our Strength And Our Genres At Flux

Our planet is divided into countries, nationalities, economies, races, classes, religions, political philosophies, gender biases, cultural apartheid and many more likewise divisions. This all is already too much to deal with. We need to understand how to deal with these debilitating patterns and break away from them. We need to propagate love, dreams and passions. For this, we need to investigate our emotions and a vision. And for this kind of vision, we need art.

FLUX is an open space that deals with arts in their different genres. However, we focus at experiencing. That is because if something cannot be experienced; there is no point in re-creating it as a piece of art in any genre. Any piece of art needs to move the audience into re-experiencing what they have already experienced in life though from a different angle this time. Therefore, the process of creation and curation at FLUX is truly authentic and real.

FLUX: A Living Organism

The relations and friendships formed at FLUX are also authentic and real. Here, there is room for everyone. If you have an idea with a vision and you want to create it with us, we would be delighted to work it out with you. FLUX is an ecosystem that nurtures and supports everyone who walks through its doors.

Our community always keeps itself receptive and welcoming. That is the only way for art to stand strong authentically and independently in today’s commercially competitive era. Here, everyone contributes in one another’s projects in whatever way one can. It keeps our intentions honest and true. Here, the only intention and motivation are the creation of meaningful and moving art.

Therefore FLUX is not just a static arts community. In fact it is a living organism that cares for others and needs their care as well. It breathes through the energy of the people that build the space. In turn it energizes and fuels the curious minds that collaborate with the space.

Our Commitment | FLUX

Our Vision, Our Commitment, Our Strength And Our Genres At Flux

We have our commitment to the idea of Art for Change. In fact, there is no better or healthier way to heal the world than through expression with commitment. Expression with commitment is the only way of making sense of our complicated world. When it comes to it, all forms of expression are simply art.

We are committed to give a space to people where they can express, create and talk about any worthwhile topic freely and confidently. Dialogue and discourse make the fulcrum of art. That is why we are committed to encourage thinkers and experiencers to think and ask questions. We stick to our commitment.

FLUX as an arts space does have its commitment to giving people a platform. It’s a platform where they learn, grow, create and collaborate at the same time through different forms of art. Some of the forms that are available at our space are dance, movement, photography, film making, drama, theatre improvisation, art, design, wellness concerns, yoga, arts for kids, performances for performing arts and exhibitions for visual arts.


At FLUX, we offer regular classes for rigorous daily training in dance, drama, yoga and kids activities. We also offer long term courses for focused and dedicated training in these and all other genres of art that we deal with. As an art space we believe in multidisciplinary art learning and collaborations. It means that we encourage overlapping, layering and thinking in different forms and mediums of art.

In fact, different mediums express the same content from different angles. But to choose the perfect medium of expression for a particular content also requires one to have a basic understanding of many mediums of art.

But if one does not have such a wide vision and commitment, it helps to be surrounded by the people belonging to different genres of arts who do have such vision and commitment.

That is why FLUX has decided to house all these art forms under one roof with their respective experts managing each one of them. We are invested in and committed to meticulous thinking and planning. We feel it will facilitate the creative ventures taking place with a vision and commitment in FLUX.

Our Strength | FLUX

However, our vision is not limited to one space or one city. Art has to break free and leak through to different parts and sectors through crossing all sorts of boundaries and judgments. This vision and magnitude of thought itself is one of our major strengths. It’s so because we are always painting large pictures and think of the entire planet as our canvas. It’ also because art needs to seep through the cracks of divisions.

In fact it needs to enter every nook, every gully and ever corner of every darkened alley in the world. This is the only way to experience and feel each other in an empathetic way.


Our Vision, Our Commitment, Our Strength And Our Genres At Flux

This emphasis on experiencing, feeling, connecting and collaborating is another one of our strengths. All our programs are unique and initiate a change in the way things are taught mechanically in our society. In stead we try and teach in playful non-competitive surroundings in which each one’s learning becomes process-oriented and experience-rich that imparts real strength.

We are approaching art this way because we believe we need to see the bigger picture. We need to see how art affects the entire world culture. Also, we need to see ourselves at the human level individually. Art should be accessible to all. In fact everyone deserves to learn good quality art and we want to make it happen.

Generally, people look at money as a resource of strength but here at FLUX, we also see time as a real resource of long-lasting strength. Many a time we may have the means to learn something new but we don’t have the time to spare out of our busy lives in order to learn a new skill as a new strength added to our repertoire.

Time as A Resource

There are many people in full time jobs who do not have the privilege of time. That is why FLUX offers regular and long term courses running through weekdays and weekends in different time slots for options of choice. So if anyone wants to learn a new skill and strength, they don’t need to take a sabbatical from work or go to a retreat. They can in stead choose the timings that work for them alongside of work. They can slowly and steadily start learning a new skill that brings joy, excitement, strength and wonder back into their lives.

This is the precise point of art in life anyway. It is there to provide support, hope, strength and a purpose to go through the mundane lives we all lead. Here at FLUX, we disrupt the static traditional ways of thought. We experience and experiment with newer ways of life that can shake you up and make you question with a curiosity to learn more!

Our Genres | FLUX


At FLUX, we believe in organic and authentic movement, which comes about from the practice of contemporary movement and dance. We host regular classes and even courses for anyone who wants to experience and get in touch with their body instincts and discover the mind-body connection. Our hip hop, urban, contact improve, slow spine, indo contemporary, Bollywood, and freestyle dance classes carry the same quality mark as well.


Next in the list of our genres comes photography. A picture can paint a thousand words. At FLUX, we initiate people into the language of visual storytelling through capturing moments in time through a photograph. We try and develop an eye for the frame and inculcate a curiosity in our students for the world outside of them through our workshops and courses.

Film Making

Film making is the art of visual storytelling that also has an ongoing journey. It is when many photographs come together to explore a longer story or a conundrum of conflicting ideas and emotions. At FLUX, we delve into this genre with short fiction, documentary and experimental filmmaking through workshops, courses and collaborations.


We also host theatre and improvisation sessions for anyone who wants to get into drama and acting on stage. Performance art is a big genre at FLUX and we also showcase in-house productions very often where we would love to have you join us! We are constantly talking about forms and feelings, and we discover theatre through feelings, which leads to form and structure.


Our Vision, Our Commitment, Our Strength And Our Genres At Flux

Art as a universal genre is a way of life and through our courses, workshops and classes we try and make people think. We like to think of artists as thinkers and feelers. In fact they question and wonder by seeing what is happening in the world inside and outside of them. Through our multidisciplinary art courses like Meta we delve into all the forms of art with specialized and sensitive teachers.


Design is what makes art accessible, usable and understandable. It is there everywhere. Right from the water bottle you pick up to the poster of a film you see. We delve into the principles of design through workshops and courses that look at design as a study. We also learn how to apply these principles through outcome based exercises and constant discussions.


In today’s push and pull scenario around us, we often get lost into chaos. We at FLUX like to prioritize mental health. Also, we have courses that talk about self-discovery and meditation through different mediums of art like writing. We think it is important to stop and think rather than pace through life in its routine ways.


Yoga is another form of wellness, which allows you to dedicate some quiet time to your mind and body. It helps in realigning of the mind and the physical body. We also offer daily classes in aerial yoga. It helps you lift off from the worries of the world. and You are then able to see life a bit more from above and outside.


There are also workshops and daily classes for kids including dance, drama, art, crafts, design, gymnastics and yoga. In today’s structures and planned times, even kids go through a tight schedule of school, tuitions, co-curricular classes and what not. At FLUX, we hope for them to discover what they are fond of. They also need to break free from their own regimes as well.

Space (Performing Arts Theatre)

Spaces make us and we make spaces. We believe in designing spaces and the energy of spaces. It’s done through thinking of what we desire from them. Our space planners and space designers do that. We have trained artists with us. They are not just knowledgeable about the architecture of a place but also look at the mood and the usage of space. Also, we look at stage design for performances as a stream of space planning through workshops and collaborations with our in house performers.

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