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FLUX: Community Art Space for Dance, Contemporary Dance Theater, Drama, Movement Therapy, Yoga, Kids

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at FLUX with Their Answers

Here are your frequently asked questions (FAQ) answered:

What is FLUX

FLUX is a multidisciplinary school of arts and a community art space.

Who is the founder of FLUX?

Sahiba Singh founded FLUX in 2019, which is a community arts space in Bangalore.

What all do you teach?

Contemporary movement and other dance forms, yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates, photography, drama, creative writing, wellness & healing therapies, performances and exhibition. All these different disciplines are facilitated by the experts in these fields

What is the difference between a course, a regular class and a workshop?

A course is a longer deeper learning that runs through many weekdays and weekends.

Regular classes are held every day for training your body and mind.

Workshops are shorter sessions that give you a fast and deep dive into the art form you want to learn.

What is contemporary dance?

Contemporary dance is a natural and organic way of movement and dance. It came into existence during the mid twentieth century through borrowing its main elements from modern dance, classical ballet and jazz.

Once it made its place, there was no looking back. Its popularity and respect rose up by leaps and bounds.

Later it incorporated the best elements of many other dance forms. Its flexibility to incorporate the best elements from any other style turned it into the richest of them all.

It took its legwork from classical ballet. Modern dance lent it the release technique, floor-work, fall & recovery and sudden rhythmic changes. Its bent knees are a gift from African dance. The Japanese dance Butoh lent it many other awesome movements.

Owing to its flexibility, it also welcomed non-dance disciplines of movement as well. It accepted the principles of Pilates, yoga, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais Method, Sullivan Technique, Franklin-Methode, Contact improvisation, Cunningham technique, and Release technique.

That was how the US had turned itself great through welcoming the best talent from all over the world!

Today, the contemporary dance stands tallest of them all!

What is X-Sense?

X-Sense is our flagship professional contemporary dance course of unlimited duration covering all major arts in one. X Sense – A 100 Hour Professional Contemporary Dance Course In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Do all these courses have a certificate?

Yes, these are certified courses by FLUX.

How do I contact you?

The best and the fastest way is to give us a call on 9606555607 and we will take things further from there.

I am an arts-lover in its various genres. Which program should I join at FLUX?

If you really want to cover the most in various different genres of arts for the minimum investment of time, energy and money, our flagship course X-Sense is the best option.

How can I associate with FLUX in the long run?

We would love to extend our motto and the FLUX Family!

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