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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with Their Answers

Here are your frequently asked questions answered:

What is FLUX?

FLUX is a multidisciplinary arts community that believes in the motto of Art for Change. We are conscious about the power of art and aim to use it for the betterment of the world through healing every one from inside out and outside in. We at FLUX are thinkers who create art through authentic feeling. All of us arrive at the form of the art piece after thorough introspection and discussions. We do so by going through a personal inner journey as well.

What all do you teach?

We have various forms of facilitation programs in different mediums of art. These include contemporary movement and other dance forms, yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates, film making, photography, drama, writing, art, design, wellness therapies, performances, exhibitions and even self-discovery. Our courses range from 3 day workshops to long term courses as three month programs. We also have regular classes, 50 hour programs, 100 hour programs, retreats and residencies that we keep organizing every now and then.

How can I register?

You can register through giving us a call on 9606555607 or at the space itself.

I’m not an artist. Does still this place have something for me?

Art is an expression and each one of us needs to express. We believe that art should be an important part of our lives as a medium of understanding our personal journeys better. This is why we believe in inclusivity and accessibility because art should reach everyone. You are welcome even if you think you are not an artist.

I’m an artist. How can I collaborate?

We have several art festivals that we organize in which you could collaborate. We could also collectively curate and craft programs to spread our collective knowledge. And if you want to attend our retreats or residencies, we would love to meet you there too! You can also take up some courses or regular classes if you want to learn a different medium of art. You can come and be part of the final showcases and performances as well! In nutshell, just contact us and we will see what we can do together.

I’m a teacher, how can I be a part of FLUX?

You could join hands with us and we could curate a course or a program at FLUX through discussions with you and the FLUX core team.

I’m a performer, how can I be a part of FLUX?

FLUX is also a performance venue and we would love to have you show your work with us. You can also be part of our travelling residencies where we teach and learn from each other.

When is a good time to visit FLUX?

The working hours for FLUX are Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 10 pm. You can also give us a call on 9606555607 and we will be happy to meet you in person.

What is the difference between a course, a regular class and a workshop?

A course is a longer deeper learning that runs through many weekdays and weekends. It covers various spheres of the art form you want to learn. It gives you the experience of holistic learning.

Regular classes are held every day at FLUX to keep you in the practice of constantly training your body and mind. It is because you need to get better and more aware through repetition and familiarity to the art form.

Workshops are shorter sessions over a short stretch of time that give you a fast and deep dive into the art form you want to learn. If you want to try your hand at something new, this is where you could start!

How can I sign up?

You can sign up by calling us on 9606555607 or by dropping into the space itself. We will guide you through the process of signing up.

What is Drawing with Light?

Drawing with Light is a 12 hour photography workshop spread across 2 weekends, the first batch starts on Saturday, 16 November, 2019, with 3 hour sessions.

What is Uktopia?

Uktopia is a 50 hour film making course in Bangalore via nonfiction storytelling using moving images. The course starts on 5th January 2020 and runs for a duration of 5 weeks

What is Sustainable Development for Start Ups?

Sustainable Development for Startups is a business design course in Bangalore at FLUX. The course will start in January and run for 3 months to complete.

What is Wavelengths?

Wavelengths is a 75 hour course to explore the various wavelengths in photography basics and beyond. The course addresses cameras, exposure, control, composition, post-production, light and content; ending up with a project and an exhibition. It will start in mid-January and has only 10 seats available.

What is X Sense?

X Sense is a 100 hour professional contemporary dance course starting on 16th November 2019 for 3-month duration.

What is Meta?

Meta is a 100 hour multidisciplinary interactive course in creativity starting in January 2020. The course is addressed by multiple facilitators from various genres of arts.

What is Homeboy 101?

Homeboy 101 is a 75 hour course for professional hip hop dance classes. The course will start on 23rd November 2019 and run for a duration of 3 months before its completion.

What is Deep Dive?

Deep Dive is a uniquely personal exploration of self, relationships with others, and purpose in the world. Four modules of one month each take you on a journey to awareness and change, starting with yourself. The course starts in mid-January, 2020.

What is Performance and Presence?

Performance and Presence is a 50 hour course in stage presence to stage performance. It’s a one on one course and anyone can start it anytime one feels like.

What is Improv Foundation?

Improv Foundation is a 50 hour Improv Comedy Course starting on 16th November 2019. The course will run for 3 months.

What is Physical Theatre?

It is a 100 hour course in physical theatre. The course starts on 4th January 2020 and runs for 3 months.

What is Aerial Yoga Certification?

Aerial Yoga Certification is a 30 hour Aerial Yoga Certification Course at FLUX starting on 30th November 2019. The course will run for duration of 1 month.

Do all these courses have a certificate?

Yes, these are certified courses by FLUX along with independent art based start ups.

Can you tell us more about the collaborators?

Yes, here it goes…

Sahiba Singh (movement): Sahiba Singh is a contemporary dancer, teacher and a choreographer. She co-founded Nivesaa – a wellness studio in 2014, was a creative director at Meeraqi, an arts organization from 2017-2018 and is the founder of FLUX, 2019 onwards; which is a community arts space in Bangalore.

Sahiba also writes poetry and is working on a novel to be published end of 2020. She spearheads and curates collaborative projects with forms like theatre, film and photography that run facilitation programs and experiences for the community at large.

She has dedicated her artistic work towards her belief that art can bring change at a systemic and a personal level and works towards creating art that works towards change.

Karthik Shetty (photography): Karthik K Shetty is a self-taught, freelance photographer and filmmaker. After practicing architecture for a few years, he decided to pursue his hobby, photography, as a profession. Over the last 6 years, he has been involved in a variety of film and photography projects, ranging from campaigns, weddings, events, documentaries, archiving, music videos etc. He will be your facilitator in Drawing with Light: A 12 Hour Photography Workshop in Bangalore.

Gokul Chakravarthy (film making): Gokul Chakravarthy is a videographer and a documentary film maker with over a decade of experience. He will be your facilitator on this transformative journey called Uktopia: A 50 Hour Film Making Course in Bangalore.

Nasir engineer (improv theatre): Nasir Engineer is the artistic director of Improv Comedy Bangalore, a professional Improv Company that offers coaching, shows and events in Improv. Nasir is also the festival director of the Bengaluru Improv Festival, India’s first and only Improv festival. He is also the curator of the Improv School of Learning, an Improv training centre. He will be your facilitator in Improv Foundation – 50 Hour Improv Comedy Course and Regular Improv Classes in Bangalore.

Tawhid Khan (Design): Ar. Tawhid Khan is an Architect, Writer and Educationist. Founder and Director at Nativity. Visiting faculty at leading Architecture colleges. Has been conducting design and Sustainability workshops for Design students and designers for several years. He will be your facilitator in Sustainable Development for Startups – A Business Design Course in Bangalore.

Roy Jacob (self-discovery): Roy Jacob grew up in the U.S. and worked as a software engineer before finding his true calling and coming to India, where his family is from. He has been facilitating since 2011 and is a believer in the transformative power of ‘slowing down’. He has facilitated the India Youth Jam, Deep Ecology, Pause, and other retreats and workshops. He will be your facilitator in Deep Dive – An 80 Hour Self Improvement Workshop Therapy in Bangalore.

Avinashi Singh (Kids Club): Avinashi Singh is trained in music vocals and instrumentals. She is also actively involved in theatre. She has worked for Delhi Doordarshan Kendra and All India Radio Delhi. She has also worked in a few documentaries and regional films. Currently she is working towards developing theatre culture in kids and organizing educational retreats for them.

Her passions also include yoga and meditation.

What is contact improvisation?

Contact improvisation is a contemporary movement based art form that increases the understanding of the body through weight sharing and weight shifting via contact and touch. It is also an improvised form of dance that is immersive and effervescent at the same time.

What is contemporary dance?

Contemporary dance is a natural and organic way of movement that takes from our primitive ways of moving and brings us closer to the earth and ourselves through floorwork, release based technique by activating the spine and the efficient use of the bones and muscles to strengthen and lengthen the body.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a great controlled workout that works on your body strength and core strength to make you fitter. It also involves yoga and concentrates on working out each particular part of your body through crafted and planned exercises.

Where can we find the schedule for all the classes?

You can easily find our various different schedules category-wise on our website and on our Instagram handle.

How can we find updates?

Follow us on our social media channels:


How can I associate with FLUX in the long run?

We would love to extend our motto and the FLUX Family! You could be part of the FLUX ideology through collaboration, curation, planning, performance based work, retreats or through other numerous ways!

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