Experiences: RETREATS

Flux will host 2-7 days long retreats away from the hustle-bustle of mundane city life. With an emphasis on finding a break from urban life, retreats are curated with an aim of creating mindful gatherings, sharing and listening to life stories, engaging in expressive arts and body practices as a collective group. These retreats are facilitated by highly informed practitioners. The essence of these retreats is transformative and healing.

Experiences:  FLUX SOCIALS

Flux socials is our community initiative that aims to bring people together through interactive and fun activities, social gatherings and parties that include book reading, film screenings, stand up comedy, open mic, weekend brunches, dinner events, community cooking, festive events, community art gatherings, flea markets, exhibitions, women circles, silent disco, kids events, slam poetry, spoken word and more.

Experiences:  PERFORMANCES

Flux provides an intimate performance venue that can seat 80-100 people.

While the students of our dance and theater programs perform their final graduation production every three months, the venue is also open for other artists to perform live dance, theater or music shows or exhibit their art as installations or photo exhibitions.

Experiences:  WORKSHOPS

Flux will host weekday and weekend work-shops in dance, theater, creative writing, expressive arts, intuitive body, somatic healing and more.

Look out for our upcoming events to know more about the latest workshop!


At Flux, we believe in creativity through collaboration and not competition.

We lend our space to collaborations with various artists and collectives to help develop the art community in Bengaluru.

Experiences:  RENT A SPACE

Flux is happy to rent the space for any pro-gram be it artistic or creative that you wish to showcase, create or learn.

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