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On our Dance FAQ page, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about dance at FLUX. We, at FLUX, always keep this page updated. Hence you should keep frequenting it too. You can also visit our Dance Blog to find new posts published.

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Dance FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Dance at FLUX

Obviously, there are various different dance styles with as many types of questions and answers. They range from classical varieties of dance to the most popular ones. Anyway, we have answered all those types of them that we offer at FLUX in our Dance FAQ below. You can ask us more questions to get your answers about dance, if you have any.

Dance is an expression of the body through its movements. And it’s one of the most dynamic expression. It’s the body that speaks when nothing else does. Its language is as melodious as it is rhythmic. Also, like music, dance is a language that has no barriers of language to express and communicate.

Dance FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Dance at FLUX

What kind of dance styles does FLUX offer?

Flux is a contemporary dance studio but we also offer classes in Bollywood, jazz and hip hop as part of our freestyle dance classes.

I am a complete beginner. Which class do you recommend for me?

All our classes are meant for beginners. You can choose any class you are interested in and we would be happy to make you feel safe, comfortable and help you grow as a dancer. 

What happens if I just signed up but then, suddenly, have to travel in an emergency?

We give you the flexibility to freeze your classes. So, you can rejoin once you return, from where you left.

How much time will it take for me to become a good dancer?

It takes anywhere from 3 months to 6 months provided you are committed and consistent to the programs and the classes

I have never danced before. Shall I be able to?

Yes, we believe anyone can dance as dance is within all of us, sometimes hidden somewhere deep within. We just have to unlearn some patterns and the natural flow in dance emerges automatically. Give it a try. We assure you that we will make it as comfortable for you as possible. 

I hesitate to dance in front of other people. How will I manage a dance class?

We understand the inhibitions that come with starting to learn dance. That is why we work in a collaborative community environment instead of a competitive one. Come for one of our classes to feel this for your self. Flux is a safe space and you are welcome just as you are.

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