Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX
(Last Updated On: December 31, 2019)

Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXWe are shortly coming up with a film direction course in Bangalore Indiranagar in our Movie Studio at FLUX.

Film direction is a very unique and a very plausible field in the world of art and design. Actually why should we limit it to the world of art? Everyone watches and adores films, right?

Do you love movies?

When was the last time you watched a film or a TV series? I am sure for many of us the answer is ‘just a couple of hours ago’. We are a society that loves to watch the magic of cinema in the theatre. Lately laptops have partially replaced theatres through Netflix or Amazon Prime. That is why we at FLUX also think of film as a beautiful resource. In fact it can reach and touch human hearts more than any other medium.

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Film Direction Courses

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXThis is why we are soon starting a film direction course that is situated in the heart of Bangalore in Indiranagar. This film direction course will be a long-term course spread over numerous hours. This course will break down and explain everything a director needs to know about lighting, scripting, screen flow, rhythm, pacing, editing and even actor training.

Director’s Job

A director’s job is to envision how a story should translate and how to bring this translation on screen through directing the actors emotionally and all the other departments logistically.

Film Direction Courses in Bangalore

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXFilm direction is a course that really works with all the parts of the mind. It deals with creative direction, art direction, logical planning, emotional situations and even mathematics. If the director sees an acting hero, she/he knows how to guide this hero to be a real actor. This is a skillset one develops over the years and through many projects and training.

Filling The Gap

There are some good film direction courses in India. But there aren’t enough of them in Bangalore that focus on Direction in a detailed manner. This is why we want to bring to Bangalore a long certificate course. It will give you an in-depth knowledge about how to become a good film director!

And if you are someone who wants to taste the world of cinema, you can also just join our film direction classes in Bangalore at a drop-in rate.

Best Film Direction Courses in the World

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXYes, there are many universities for filmmaking and film direction courses around the world. We pick up the best universities for filmmaking and film direction. They also delve into film history and film appreciation.

But for many people going abroad is a luxury. That is why we want to bring many international artists here at FLUX!

FLUX is an arts organization that believes in making national and international collaborations all across the globe. We would like to be part of the art scene in India very deeply as well as very widely. This is because we encourage everyone to involve themselves in the arts in some way or the other.

Film Art Direction Courses

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXWithin film direction, there are many more particular categories. For example, the post of an art director is also very important. In fact this person actually makes the invisible soul across the whole film. Art directors deal with set design, prop design, colors, mood and anything to do with storytelling for what’s on the screen.

This is why we want to offer a particular course in art direction. In it we will deal with costumes, props, set design, colors, lighting and everything else that makes a film! You can also try your hand in one of the films that our in house filmmakers might be making at that time for some practical experience and knowledge!

Movie Direction Course in Bangalore

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXThere is a new trend in India called the innovative film city. These are small film cities that have constructed sets, hardware shops, equipment rental shops and everything else one needs to make a film. These innovative cities are very popular but also the mark of an established film market in the city. These can only be metropolitan cities like Mumbai.

But if you are someone whose aim is to go join the film industry or work in an innovative film city, we can prepare you through our movie direction course in the very popular city of Bangalore itself!

Film Direction Course Duration

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXIf you want to know more about our film direction course, please visit our website where you will find all the details like film director course duration and film direction course fees. Now direction can also mean many things but becoming a film director is a major job responsibility. It runs fluidly across all other departments of film. This basically means that to become a director, one needs to know everything about the art of filmmaking. That includes right from how to wire a baby light to how the actor will feel during a particular scene.

Sensitivity and understanding is the key note to becoming a film director.

Movie Direction Courses Near Me

Regular Film Direction Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXFLUX is an arts organization that not only works with skill and technique but also with feelings. Therefore, if you are someone who is looking for a ‘film direction course near me’, you can stop looking and join FLUX! We also train our directors in how to bring out the right feelings in the actors and how to be sensitive to what they are doing. Many a time, an actor’s jobs can be very emotional and may even require a therapist to be around for the actor and director both. We at FLUX like to bring awareness to these small soft skills because these are what make a good director.

And since we are situated in the most central area of Bangalore, it couldn’t get any better!

Film Direction Short Term Courses

FLUXFor those of you who want to be involved intensely for a short period of time, we can also curate and offer short-term courses in film direction to become a film director. These will be high intensity film director short courses that will keep you invested. You will be creatively flowing and constantly creating while being facilitated by some very professional and practicing filmmakers!

So if you want to understand the art of film direction and what it takes to be a director, we would urge you to meet and learn from our amazing bunch of filmmakers who are more than willing to share whatever they know and to ask further investigative questions along with you!

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