Proven Advertising Design Courses in Bangalore at FLUX

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Advertising Design Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We offer advertising design courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX. These courses are facilitated by the best advertising designers comprising copywriters, film makers and graphic designers. In fact advertising design is a field in which different kinds of designing experts collaborate with one another.

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Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Advertising is the most deadly weapon we have in business. This weapon can steer the hearts and minds of millions of people. This medium can spread like wildfire and captivate anyone. Therefore it has a lot of power and we must use it with a sense of responsibility. It is the medium of advertisement.

That is why we, an arts community, are taking the lead to give you a course on advertisement techniques and theories.

Advertisement can happen in the following broad ways:

  • Writing
  • Video
  • Graphic

Advertising Design Courses

Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

To many people’s surprise, writing is the most important element in advertising. The way words can hook onto people, nothing else can! Therefore, in our course at FLUX, we also give you writing tasks and teach you how to write. We like to keep it short, crisp and impactful.

At FLUX, we will give you short exercises to write two lines to advertise different kinds of products. We feel writing is the ship that advertising sails on. Be it text for a poster or advert or else the script for a video. This is the most important factor to make a good advert. People like to see and read rich content and it is our responsibility to give that to them.

Advertising Design Course Syllabus

Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

But our advertising course syllabus also includes another very powerful medium of work. It is video! Videos too can be posted, reposted, shared and sent at one easy click! They can go up on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube or even different websites. What a wonderful and shareable medium of work that is so full in itself!

Yes, we know there are many spaces like iCat Bangalore or TGC India where you can learn a lot about advertising! However, they might be a bit inconvenient or out of the way of life that you are leading!

How We Are Different

Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

There is a reason why we are one of the best advertising courses in India. It is because we have teachers for every form of advertising design who do this on a daily basis. Yes of course, there are spaces like Image Creative Education Pondicherry, which are extremely popular. And we are so glad that they are. We are glad that they are doing the work in Pondicherry while we do it in Bangalore. So, if you are someone who is in Bangalore and is looking for good advertising design courses, join us!

We as a school are actually advertise ourselves very organically through word of mouth. Hence we haven’t done too much institute advertisement for ourselves. We don’t even have the time to do so. But maybe once you come in, we can find a way to work with you. Perhaps, we can even find a way of making it a side gig profession for you!

Advertising Graphic Design Courses

Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Our design courses are meticulously designed and cover the broad areas mentioned above. Let us now talk about graphic design. This area of design is published everywhere your eye goes these days. It is on social media, on your mobile phones, on your computers; it is just everywhere! This is how it can spread and explode. We train you in making posters and posts by figuring out the visual and text layout.

This includes area of study like font, placement, color and even drawing. We use different software tools to create them and teach you too!

You can use software tools like InDesign, Photoshop or even a simple online tool like Canva!

Our graphic designing course syllabus is divided in studio time and practical application. So we may have certain sessions when we teach you. And then, we will have certain sessions where you get to apply what you learned.

We also discuss the history of advertisement in India and the world. And we study already existing pieces of artwork on advertisement as well!

Campbell’s 32 Soup Cans by Warhol

Campbell’s 32 Soup Cans By Warhol

Campbell’s 32 soup cans by Warhol is the first artwork that actually comes to our mind. It was made at a time when kitsch was becoming very popular and capitalism had taken over. It commented about the similarity of each of these soup cans and how soon there would be no differences. There would be no uniqueness. We need innovation and differences.

Major Markets and Industries in the Field

There are many predominant different markets and industries that constantly need advertisement. This is where your scope of innovative work will also lie. Let us make a list and talk about them.

  • Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At FluxFood industry
  • Medical industry
  • Movie Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Furniture/Home industry
  • Technological Industry

We all eat food. We all take medications. And we all love to watch movies. We all use products on our skin. Also we all sit on chairs and use a table. And almost all of us have a phone.

Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

But, how do we choose these things we use. How do we pick one over the other? When you go to the market and have to buy soap, there are so many varieties. What makes you pick one over another? It is the packaging. And it is the sight, smell and touch of the product. It is also the overall experience of the product. This overall experience design is the advertiser’s job!

The decision to have red in a food advert or blue in a medical advert are all cautious decisions. Each color evokes a different sort of feeling. Apple’s way of advertising is very crisp, minimalist and strong. There is a sort of confidence in its adverts. This confidence is what attracts people to them.

What We Offer in Our Advertising Design Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Each advertisement we like has this streak of confidence. Every little element in and on the advert is deliberately put there and it says something. This is the kind of work we are interested in. We like to make decisions and stand by them deliberately and confidently.

At FLUX, we will ask you questions that will help you think. We also encourage you to ask us questions. Questions are the most important part of learning something new.

And we have an amazing bunch of teachers who are more than happy to be bombarded with questions. They say that facing questions is the whole fun of teaching! So come and join us to discover this very deep and curated world of advertisement! We are right here, waiting for you!

Are you interested in joining our advertising design courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX?

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What is advertising design course?

It covers both, an understanding of the elements of a successful advertising design as well as a practically oriented full-fledged advertising campaign which you successfully launch.

What is the role of ad designer?

An ad designer creates an advertising design and then takes it to a level of campaign that needs to prove itself as a successful campaign. The success is the sole criterion of its design quality.

Is advertising in high demand?

Advertising is one of fastest developing area of business. And an ad designer who can churn out successful ad designs may even acquire the status of a star designer.

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Proven Advertising Design Courses in Bangalore at FLUX
Proven Advertising Design Courses In Bangalore At Flux

We offer proven advertising design courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX facilitated by the best advertising designers.

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