Sustainable Development for Startups: Best Business Design Course in Bangalore

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Sustainable Development for Startups: A Business Design Course in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We are offering Sustainable Development for Startups: A Business Design Course in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX. The course will start in January and run for 3 months to complete.

Are you running a startup in Bangalore? Or are you associated with one? If yes, this course may add a high value to your systemic design approach. Also, this strategic design management may add a high value to sustainable development environment in society. One doesn’t essentially need to be a business design MBA for it. Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology has it in its agenda too. In fact, it is an issue of real concern even for the top design colleges in India

The Idea of Sustainability

Sustainable Development For Startups: A Business Design Course In Bangalore

Our acceptance of the idea of Sustainable Development has surely gone beyond that of being an aspect. It is set to become the all-pervading reality of our times. We stand at a crucial crossroad in human history. It is a blessing and a curse. It is scary and challenging. But it is interesting at the very least. Human understanding of their reality and surrounding has hardly ever moved as a block. Not in the recent times at least!

While some of us are exploring and experiencing cutting edge technology, others at the tail end are still trying to seek basic protection for themselves from nature. Similarly in the awareness of sustainability, we range from disbelievers to very advanced thinkers. Therefore we have a choice to make in terms of how we wish to orient ourselves and our affairs in this train of people. Some might want to be moving forward where they see opportunity. But others might want to push backwards where they feel safer. The choice is made whether we make it or not.

We live in times where we cannot afford to ignore the ongoing happenings around us. In fact minding one’s own business (pun intended) may really not be an option any more. This may not necessarily mean interfering in others’ businesses. It rather means understanding the general direction in which we move as a group. Hence understanding what one does affects everyone else too, and vice versa.

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Development For Startups: A Business Design Course In Bangalore

In the present scenario, Sustainable Development is largely and heavily leaning towards only the notion of Environmental Sustainability. It may make us overlook other threats to a future for us. We need to look towards a future that is not merely sustainable but also creates opportunities for further development continually.

To zoom out and develop a broader perspective before zooming in on developing specific targets is essential. To find a balance between the broader perspective and the specific goal is critical. The thinking and doing of global versus local and vice versa, a notion that has been around for quite a while may not be as simplistic as it sounds.

Design Thinking

Sustainable Development For Startups: A Business Design Course In Bangalore

Digging deeper to get a better understanding of the intricacies and connections between various aspects of Sustainable Development is the need of the hour. What is also equally important is to be able to apply this understanding to achieve specific targets. Hence, ‘Design Thinking’ helps us deal with complexities in simpler ways. It helps us manipulate intangible ideas and systems in a relatively tangible application.

This is an introductory and a thought guidance program for entrepreneurs and startups. The program is designed to equip startups and entrepreneurs with deeper and clearer understanding of Sustainable Development in general. It also deals with the possibilities for their specific business group in particular. The course enables the participants to make well informed decisions with a focus on this topic about multiple aspects of their ventures. Therefore the course is broadly divided into 2 phases.

First phase is to present a basic insight into general aspects of elements which together compose the broader idea of Sustainable Development.  In fact this would be ideal for people across all platforms. Hence the contents of this phase are as follows:


  1. Sustainable Development For Startups: A Business Design Course In BangaloreUnderstanding common definitions in the realm of sustainability: An introductory exercise to clarify common misconceptions and derive clearer understandings of various terms and notions in the context of Sustainable Development
  2. Ecology, Environment and Human Aspirations: Debating the choices we humans have made and continue to make with respect to our own aspirations and how they plug into the intent of nature
  3. Systems – Natural and Human: Understanding the working of simple and complex systems – Human systems and those of nature – and how they plug into each other. The mutual effect they have on each other
  4. Sustainability: The notion of perpetuity in a broader sense. The cyclic nature of systems
  5. Development: Digging through a pile of built over ideas to get to the bottom of understanding the very basic and generic notion of Development
  6. Living and Dying by Carbon: The irony that carbon is. Getting down to basic scientific understanding of carbon and its presence within us and around us
  7. GeneralitiesEnergy and Development: Rethinking the very basic idea of energy and how it powers our idea of Development
  8.  Resource and Consumption: Understanding the notion of a resource. How do we consume? Basics and patterns
  9. Non-Linear Thinking: comparing linear and nonlinear narratives and structures. Their functioning and the challenges within
    10. Shifting Non-Linear Systems: Effecting change in nonlinear systems

Specific Business Groups

The second phase of the program groups together similar business formats and entrepreneurs and attempt to understand the implications of the idea of Sustainable Development to specific business groups. In fact, group exercise is carried out to better understand the actuals. We also learn how to make our business venture a nodal point of Sustainable Development and the benefits therein. That is why the idea of direct implications of Sustainability and that of primary and secondary associates, collaborating with the nodal point is explored in all the below-mentioned aspects. The contents of this phase are as follows:

Group Focused Exercises

  1. Sustainable Development For Startups: A Business Design Course In BangaloreSustainability & Business: How does the idea of Sustainability connect with commerce in general – How it may connect to a specific business – How a business of future may not afford not to integrate the notion of Sustainability into all aspects of their respective ventures
  2. Self-Comprehension of a Unit: Understanding one’s own venture in terms of the generic content of its function and formats in detail – Embedding a business better in with the society and nature
  3. Generating Broad Targets: Creating broad Sustainability Targets for businesses
  4. Reducing Carbon Footprint: Setting realistic Carbon goals for a business
  5. Optimizing Energy Cycles: The possibilities of optimizing energy aspects of small and large businesses
  6. Optimizing Resource Cycles: The possibilities of optimizing energy aspects of small and large businesses – A rethink of the way we work and beyond
  7. Establishing Primary and Secondary Associations: Encouraging business associates through incentives to adopt similar and viable sustainable models of working and associating with the nodal point
  8. Group Focused ExercisesPromoting the idea: How this would have a mutually beneficial effect on a business and how to make it work for yours
  9.  Self-Evaluation: Creating systems and formats of fair evaluation of Sustainable
    Development goals for one’s startup
  10. Sustainability and Design Thinking: An Introduction to the idea of design thinking and how it becomes critical to aiming for a sustainable future

What to Do?

Are you a part of a startup? If yes, do join Sustainable Development for Startups: A Business Design Course in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX. You will benefit more than your expectation from the course.

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What is sustainable business development and what is its importance?

Sustainable business development refers to a business design working fine right now without affecting the environment in a negative manner so that future development is not jeopardized.

What is the basic aim of sustainable business development?

Sustainable business development aims at benefiting human life not only in the present but keeps an insightful watch on the future not getting affected negatively by the way it gets done.

What are the advantages of sustainability?

Sustainability is insightful in a responsible manner as it does not spoil the health of environment so that our future generation are not negatively affected by what we are doing today for growth.

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Sustainable Development for Startups: Best Business Design Course
Sustainable Development For Startups: Best Business Design Course In Bangalore

We are offering Sustainable Development for Startups: A Business Design Course in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX, starting in January for a 10 week duration.

Service Type: Business Design Course for Sustainable Development

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