Rent An Art Studio in Bangalore: A Magnificent Arts Theatre at FLUX

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Rent An Art Studio in Bangalore Indiranagar in the Performing Arts Theatre at FLUX

You can rent an art studio in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX for your art to perform, to exhibit, to rehearse, to teach a class, to have a workshop, to run a course, to shoot for a photography session, to shoot your movie, to hold a talk or a seminar, or to run a music jam.

FLUX in The Making: An Arts Community in Bangalore Indiranagar

We know that art is highly dependent on energy. And the energy that gets created in a space also gets translated into the work getting created. Simple things like a hot cup of coffee, a grey sky, or a bird outside the window become important and affect the process of creation. This is because the creator is constantly feeling and is sensitive to these small things that she/he perceives. We are aware of this and therefore the energy and vibe that has been created in this visual and performing arts theatre at FLUX is of a free, conducive and energizing nature.

FLUX is a collaborative art space that lives and breathes through the people who enter it. It is where ideas meet plans and people to take shape and form to get into the generation mode. We rent out our space and studios to all who want to create various types of performing arts or visual arts and are looking for the kind of energy that matches ours.

Rent an Art Studio at FLUX as Per Your Requirement

Performing Arts Theatre For Rent In Bangalore Indiranagar

A few of the things that we rent out our studio for are talks, classes, performances, film shoots and even music jams. Artists can come, enter and transform the space in whatever cosmetic manner they feel makes sense to them and to the practice they want to take forward. It is also a place that can be used for personal rehearsals and training.

FLUX is a space that believes in Art for Change. It feels and provides for any artistic idea that anyone has. We feel that the only way to make the world a more sensitive and aware place is through the medium of conversations through art. We encourage collaborations and discussions to take place. Here, we believe in preserving what is different. We do so because it is also unique. These unique thoughts need a place to voice their rare opinions.

The truth is that everyone has unique thoughts. We sometimes do not openly express them. We do so because we feel the society will not appreciate them. However, we feel each of these thoughts is important and has value. We need to acknowledge them. Repressed thoughts or feelings are never good as they lead to discomfort. FLUX offers a space where there is room for free flowing and honest thinking. Here one can be whatever one want to be and create without feeling being judged.

Rent an Art Studio and Feel Free at FLUX

Rent An Art Studio In Bangalore Indiranagar In The Performing Arts Theatre At Flux

Here, no one is judging you and no one is assessing you. FLUX is an open space that is rigid about only two things – honesty and respect. We welcome artists, non-artists, common people, and anyone who has an idea and needs support in creating it. We can give you our space and if needed, also our hearts and minds to facilitate your process.

FLUX is an organism that survives on the nourishment it receives from the people that enter the space. In turn it creates a healthy home for your art to take birth in. Any piece of art needs an environment full of energy to reach its true potential and that is what we offer here.

There is one thing to emphasize on that FLUX believes in Art for Change. We believe in constantly transforming and moving towards something else outside or something deep inside. Allow us to explain. We all live in two different worlds.

The world we create inside of us and the world we create outside of us. And we are equally and constantly affected by both. At FLUX, we recognize both these worlds and want to create a change in either or both of these ways. Whether it is an individual’s inner journey that is personal or a systemic change that is for the society. In fact we value and believe in nurturing both.

Give Shape to Your Artistic Ideas

Rent An Art Studio In Bangalore Indiranagar In The Performing Arts Theatre At Flux

We are a space that is full of lovers of art and appreciators of ideas and passion. We believe if each one of us on this planet had love, ideas and passion, we would be an absolutely different society. In today’s mundane lives and fast paced running in the rat race, we have stopped giving value to any of these things, simply because we don’t have the time to spare.

We at FLUX welcome people to rent an art studio here and give shape to their artistic ideas.

So if you would like to, please enter it however you are with all your burdens, worries, friends and love. Enter it as you are, rent an art studio here and find healing and solace as this space accepts you with it all, without judgments and without expectations. In fact the people here and the space itself will make their own individual relationships with you as you will make yours with them.

Collaborate with Us

Backyard For Rent

If you want to create or be part of a piece, you can collaborate with FLUX and its artists. This space is open for all. You can always rent an art studio here or collaborate in any other way. It comforts and understands all the different mindsets that exist in the world. FLUX itself is a living, breathing organism that forms a relationship with its people and helps in change with and within itself.

Also, here, we encourage thinkers to come and think, feelers to come and feel, artists to come create art and each of these people to overlap and layer their ideas over each other. This is the only way we can truly live; through acceptance and discussions.

Getting Rid of Our Megalomania

Each one of us is actually a layer that is being added on to this planet with its own layers. The sooner we start seeing the world around us as a whole energy system of layers, the better we can stop looking at ourselves as the central beings. We need to give the same amount of important to the world that breathes outside of us. And then we can start setting the pieces together. The world will make a lot more sense to us, then.

FLUX is constantly trying to make sense in different ways. All of us invite you to be part of our journey and understand, question and create together fearlessly.

To rent an art studio in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX, call us on 9606555607.


Do artists need a studio?

Artists do need a studio at one point or another in their journey through their art forms. Different types of artists need different sizes of studios for their different kinds of needs available on rent.

What wall is best for art studio?

Light colored walls are always the best if you are not looking for a dark room. These walls keep the studio illuminated as natural light gets reflected through all their four surfaces.

What color is good for an art studio?

Midvalue gray color is preferred the most which display both people and products as they look the best when set against a midvalue color in their background without putting any strain on your eyes.

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Rent An Art Studio in Bangalore: A Magnificent Arts Theatre
Rent An Art Studio In Bangalore: A Magnificent Arts Theatre At Flux

You can rent an art studio in Bangalore Indiranagar for your art to perform, to exhibit, to rehearse, to teach, to shoot, for a seminar, or a jam at FLUX.

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  1. Hi! I would like to rent a dance studio for myself to practice for an upcoming audition and to record clips of me dancing! Can I know the details and the cost of a studio for dance practice for an hour? thank you and I hope y’all respond!

    1. Hi Vidisha,

      You are welcome to rent our dance studio!

      In order to work out the fine details, just give us a call on 9606555607, and we will take things further from there.

      Waiting to hear from you,

      Team FLUX

  2. Hi I need some space for my Daily shoots (depends in week)my own shoots on Mobile or camera and practices for an year, since i m classical dancer need some good spaces. ,like everyday 1.5 /2 hours. Would like to check with you if it can be rented monthly basis.

    1. Hi Sowmya,

      Thanks for your interest in our space!

      Could you please give us a call on 9606555607 to know everything in detail about our space arrangement for renting it out?

      Waiting to hear from you,

      Team FLUX

  3. Hi. I would like to rent space for 2 to 4 days to conduct resin art workshop. Could you please share details for the same? Thanks.
    Shital Shah

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