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Photography Studio for Rent in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We announce offering our space as photography studio for rent in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX to photographers and advertising agencies.

FLUX is an arts community that’s an organism in itself breathing along with its members’ breaths. The two energies of their breaths resonate with each other. We gain energy from people who come to us and we give them energy back as well. So if you are looking for a good work environment that energizes you, please join us. We would like to tell you that we offer our space for rentals as a photography studio.

Photography is the job of a master who understands the play of light and darkness. To create darkness on frame, you need a lot of light! When you practice this, you will know what we mean! We have many amenities like a projector and soon we will also have a great system of lights!

Photography Studio for Rental

We have a beautiful space that is photo ready! We generally give it out for photo shoots and film shoots because there is a huge demand for that. FLUX has wide wooden flooring that looks very class on screen! Additions such as this to your frame will help your image look great on camera.

So if you are looking for a studio for photography on a rental basis, look no further!

Photography Studio for Rent in Bangalore

Bangalore has a big market in fashion and modeling. Lot many times, especially for fashion shoots, modern photographers like to use projectors to create layers. Experimental photography is a new pop and modern genre in our city. Yes, we make experimentation possible in our studio.

In fact, we make your life a lot easier by having the smallest things you may need already available. And if we don’t have it, we definitely can arrange for it. We have all the right contacts and connections you need to solve your problems! So trust us and contact us to rent out our studio for photography!

Photography Studio Space for Rent in Bangalore

We have three types of spaces that are available for rent at our studio. We have two wooden-floored spaces namely, Arena and Deck. Arena is much bigger than the Deck while the Deck has great available lighting! We also have another organic looking space called Backyard. This also has a small French looking café window that can look very chic on camera!

So you can choose which space works for you after doing a recce with your team!

Studio for Rent for Photography

You can also take the entire studio on rent for photography if that is something you would rather do! By taking the entire studio, you will have access to all the three available studios, our projector, black cloth and also the lighting facility. And if you need anything else, we can always have a conversation about it!

Photography Studio for Rent Near Me

We noticed that people are constantly searching for ‘photo studios near me’ or ‘photography studio for rent near me’. We hope that we have found you and you have found us too. If you are looking for a central place that you can work out of, please come to us. We have everything available at our art space for a photography studio. Therefore, you won’t have to run around at all! Everyone knows that the city of Bangalore is full of traffic jams! The last thing you need on a shoot day is to get stuck in traffic!

Photography Studio Space for Rent Near Me

Therefore, we would recommend you to hire a photography studio space for rent that is near to you!

But a shoot is also about the crew and on screen actors. Since Indiranagar is a very central location for everyone to reach, you will be cutting down on a lot of travel expenses. Generally much of the shoot budget gets spent on food and travel for the entire cast and crew. This is an expense you can avoid because of the metro or car-pooling to the popular area of Indiranagar! To add to that, we also have a delicious in-house café that can provide you with food!

Cheap Photography Studios for Rent Near Me

This will give you a good deal and make us a better investment for you. Thus, the total expenditure will go down because of our central location and other facilities. We will be a good cheap photography studio for rent near by!

Today our country is going through a deep financial crisis, which means there is a lack of money. All our industries are suffering. That is why everyone is constantly looking only for affordable options.

Photography Studio on Rent

And that is why people don’t buy their own studios for shoots. They prefer to rent out photography studio especially if they are freelance photographers.

The screen presence of a space is very important. It’s because most of the frame is generally covered by the background itself. Our space is very camera friendly and has a great presence on screen.

Rental Photography Studio Space

As mentioned above, our rental photography studio space has three areas available for rent. Our rent rates vary according to which studio space you want to take up. Also, our prices differ on weekdays and weekends. We have day-wise packages, weekend packages as well as hourly packages. So if your requirement is a rental for 3 hours or 3 days; we have all options available.

Nowadays, with the increase in industrialization, there is a lack of space. This is why rentals have become a great idea and a smart way of working. Therefore, rental spaces are a great way of collaboration. This allows you and us to work together on bigger projects! Our rental photography studio space welcomes all freelancers, filmmakers, musicians and models to come and make your portfolios at our space!

Photography Studio to Rent

In earlier times, renting a photography studio was a concept that was unavailable. Actually things were also not so formalized earlier. But in today’s date and time, renting out a studio seems like a much more economical and sensible option. This cuts down your cost and also reduces your worries. You need not think of separately renting out lights or backgrounds, or even of up-keeping your own space.

Photography Studio to Rent Near Me

Another problem we help you to solve is that of time management.

Gone are the days when people had the luxury of time and could travel for long hours. Now people can hardly take out meal time or workout time. These are stressful situations and therefore people like to go to places that are easily accessible for shoots. They prefer to rent out photography studios that are the most convenient to them.

We offer this convenience of accessibility and accountability. We are known to keep our word and to truly care for the creation of art. So you can come and give us your trust. We will leave no stone unturned not only to keep your trust but also to develop the equation stronger!

Are you looking for a photography studio for rent in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX?

Give us a call on 9606555607 today!

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