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Improv Foundation: 50 Hour Improv Comedy Course and Regular Improv Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Are you interested in performing improv on stage? We are offering Improv Foundation: 50 Hour Improv Comedy Course and Regular Improv Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX. Don’t miss the opportunity to join these improvised comedy classes and become an improv artist. They are gaining popularity as is evident from their shows offered on bookmyshow bangalore.

Improv Theater or Improvisation Theatre is an incredible theatrical and performance-driven art form that is unscripted in nature. Any acting course will vouch for that. Improv by itself means to ‘improvise’. It calls for one to become aware of every moment in front of them, experience the moment in all that it offers and then step forward into the next moment. That is precisely where the ‘unscriptedness’ of it comes from – to build your improvisation moment by moment.

Improv Foundation: Improv Comedy Course &Amp; Improv Classes In Bangalore

Improv encompasses a whole set of performance oriented skills – drama, acting, humor, comedy, stage presence, music, voice, character etc. All of these make for an all-rounder performer. Besides the stage improv has an overwhelming resonance with everyday life.

The guiding philosophies and principles that Improv works on apply wonderfully to our everyday interactions and over all existence – better listening, empathy, making the other person looks good, looking out for one another, being supportive of other people, being non-judgmental, accepting people for what they are like, not being afraid of showing vulnerability etc. Together, all of these make for a terrific personality of an individual.

Improv Comedy Course and Improv Classes in Bangalore Affecting Confidence on Stage

Improv Foundation: Improv Comedy Course &Amp; Improv Classes In Bangalore

Confidence: There are many people who wish to become more confident in their personal and professional lives. The reason we lose our confidence as we grow older is because we begin to doubt our own authentic selves, for who we are in vast society of people conditioned to reject or mock what they don’t understand.

We need to learn from children. They celebrate themselves. They have a keen sense of curiosity and approach to the unusual with a willingness to understand it. That is what we have grown up to dismiss. We get consumed by the fear of being judged. This lowers our confidence day in and day out until we recede to the level where we become awkward in our social interactions.

Stage Fright

Improv being a group activity helps you to gradually overcome the fear of using your body and speaking your heart out in front of others. With continued practice of the same, you will start feeling an inner personal freedom helping your true self flourish uninhibitedly.

Improv Comedy Course and Improv Classes in Bangalore Affecting Fun of Comedy on Stage

Comedy: Being ‘funny’ is considered to be a tool for the potential of becoming ‘charismatic’. Therefore, we can define charismatic as a personality that draws attention to itself. And it is true. People who understand comedy and can make a room full of people chuckle through their adult somber faces; do get more attention towards them. But there is more to what goes into ‘being funny’.


Improv Foundation: Improv Comedy Course &Amp; Improv Classes In Bangalore

The first one is your enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm makes a whole of difference – and not just for you, for the people as well. In fact, enthusiasm is simply a way of making yourself present in the very moment with whatever it is that you are doing or whoever it is you are with. Just feel special, valued and meaningful. That enthusiasm will by default bring out energy from inside of you. This energy will make your mind work faster, keep you alert, and increase your sense of awareness.

It will go a long way in helping you identify and pick up humor in everyday situations. As a result, with practice, you wouldn’t even need to think about it. It’ll spontaneously pour out of you by itself. Improv shows you where humor is hidden in everyday situations. There is more humor in the non-verbal communication than it is there in the verbal.

Communication on Stage

Communication: This is perhaps the most important of all the requirements that one must learn and be good at. It is so simply because as human beings, we do need to communicate with one another in order to live together. As they say, 90% of all communication we do is non-verbal, and only the rest 10% is verbal. It is probably true, since everything we say, always has a subtext to it.

Between The Lines

Between The Lines

There is subtext behind the words we say. It may be the emotion that is stacked away behind the words. Also, it may be the intention between the lines we say. And the subtext is the real truth. Words are merely a rational explanation of what our conscious mind decides to say.

Through Improv we can unearth our unconscious interactions. Thus we can easily find out where the truth of what we truly feel is hiding. Similarly it goes the same way for other people too. You can start identifying the truth hidden between the lines anyone speaks. This plays out as a great advantage to us. It is because as we grow older, we become more and more afraid of our own as well as of other people’s vulnerabilities. We don’t know how to handle them when we come across them.

By knowing the ways to recognize non-verbal gestures, we can make others comforted enough to talk about what they truly feel. There will no more be the shallow conversations that right now are the part and parcel of our everyday lives.

Vulnerability on Stage

Vulnerability: It is so damning to know that people lose touch with their emotional sides. It is okay to cry. It is okay to express sadness. Also, It is okay to drop your ego and apologize. In fact we glamorize our self-perceived macho image by hiding our true emotions from expression. But that is a terrible mindset to have. Vulnerability is not a synonym for weakness. Rather it makes us more sensitive. It also makes others around us feel that they are not alone. They too start expressing themselves more truly.



This is what empathy means. You can uplift people’s involvement by always staying true to your body, the way it feels and not giving a damn about expressing it wholeheartedly. In improv, you learn to become lifelong friends with your true self within. You learn to drop your unnecessary fortress of anti-vulnerability. You start accept yourself the way you are and express the same freely.

There is a fine line between being vulnerable and being honest. Honesty requires one to feel like they are no longer in a position they thought they held. This hones realization and leads to vulnerability as a small part of it. In fact, he more honest you are on stage, the more the audience will know you are not a half-assed wanna-be attention-seeking self-conceived star. They will also see you for the spontaneity and the courage you bring and respect you for how real you made them feel.

Join our Improv Foundation: 50 Hour Improv Comedy Course and Regular Improv Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX Now! Call us on 9606555607.


What does improv class mean?

Improv class means getting trained in improvising every single element of theatrical performance on the spur of the moment. It also lets you interact with the audience more spontaneously.

What skills are taught by improv?

Improv training teaches the most basic and essential element of improvisation comprising stage fright, confidence, comedy, enthusiasm, empathy, vulnerability, communication and imagination.

Is improv a good skill?

Improv is one of the best skills to learn not only for performing on stage but also for living your day-to-day life with more spontaneity and empathy, paving your way to a better quality of life.

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Improv Classes in Bangalore - Hilarious Improv Comedy Course
Improv Classes In Bangalore - Hilarious Improv Comedy Course

We provide a 50 hour Improv Foundation: Improv Comedy Course & improv classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX. Don't miss them! 🙂

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  1. Was interested to learn about the improv course. How’s it structured? Is it conducted during weekends? What’s the fee?

    1. Hi Suraj,

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      We do offer a trial class, but that’s not free. There are nominal charges for that. And if you like the trial class and join the regular classes after that trial, that nominal charge is adjusted in your regular monthly fee.


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