Slow Spine Movement: A Comprehensive Dance Movement Therapy

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Slow Spine Movement Sessions in Bangalore Indiranagar at Flux: An Authentic Dance Movement Therapy

Slow spine movement is an exploratory movement class addressing the core of more authentic dance movement along with being an entire dance movement therapy in itself. It derives its principles from contemporary dance and yoga. It breaks complicated moves down to slow movements that study the body and its muscles.

Slow Spine Movement Contemporary Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX by Sahiba Singh

These sessions are ideal for anyone who feels a desire to slow down, enjoy and play with the body movements. The access point to this way of moving is the spine which is the seat of consciousness in the body.

Slow Spine Movement In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

The spine is made up of three different sets of vertebrae and the neck is where it begins. This class also incorporates how to use the neck to move with the flow of the body from release technique. When this happens, the spine releases happy hormones clearing the mind-body connection that helps healing through awareness.

These sessions are experimental. We encourage the attendees to be free with the body. We also encourage them playing and discovering their own ways of moving through the spine. There are talks about anatomy and the structure of the body. But we also perceive the body more acutely through reflective awareness of slow spine movement than just through theory or choreography.

The Psychology of  Dance Movement Therapy

Slow Spine Embraces All - Dancers And Non-Dancers Alike

In these movement sessions, you are your own leader. Guidance is given but the play and the exploration parts come from within you. Therefore it gives you the freedom to pull your body in or push it away. It allows you to speak to your body individually and give it the time it deserves to respond.

In today’s fast paced times, we often forget that we need to give time to ourselves in silence with patience and love. We often forget to care for our body and neglect to ask it how it is feeling. As a result, stress starts accumulating in different spots of the body. We start developing stiffness in these parts.

These movement sessions help in organically recognizing such sore spots and acknowledging them consciously. It is this conscious acknowledgement that releases the tension accumulated in them.

The spine is connected with the entire body. It governs every movement that the body makes. That is why it becomes a very good route to heal the body from within. It has the power to make us feel good, sad, happy or even angry. The secret lies in the spine.

A Complete Dance Therapy in Itself

Slow Spine Embraces All - Dancers And Non-Dancers Alike

These movement sessions are also the research sessions to discover how one experiences one’s body from inside out rather than from outside in. These days, we have started judging our bodies by others’ perspective of how they look to them. Even in a mirror in our privacy, we look at our bodies from their perspective alone when in fact no one is really looking at us. In fact others are too busy looking at their own!

Therefore these sessions give you the time to look at your body from the perspective of how you feel about it from within. They impart you the time and the space to experience your real self by deeply noticing the mind-body connection and its interaction with the outside world.

At Flux we follow the same ideology. It is an experimental art space that wants to make you experience all the feelings within through the different mediums of art. However it also makes you experience the feelings that you have borrowed from your interactions with the outside world.

The Aesthetics of  An Authentic Dance Movement

The Aesthetics Of  An Authentic Dance

We all carry within us the reflections of the inner and the outer worlds. The authenticity of the inner world is often dominated by the glamour of the outer world along with all its noise, struggles and chaos. But in this art space, especially during slow spine movement sessions, you get to give the inner world its due attention and love it deserves. Only when we are authentic from within, can we make other people and the world around us fuller in its true sense.

Also, the world is made up of different sorts of people and that is the beauty of it. This difference should be cherished and preserved. Every body is different not only from the outside but also from the inside in the biological, psychological and the spiritual way. No two organs in different bodies look exactly identical. This difference makes everyone unique.

Therefore even in our slow spine movement sessions, we welcome all sorts of people who want to start moving and experiencing through the medium of the body. It is a place of no judgement. It is an open space in the true sense of the word. Here everyone just purely and simply moves.

Strengthening  The Very Core of Your Dance Movement

The Aesthetics Of  An Authentic Dance Movement

These sessions are ideal for beginners or dancers who want to improve their quality of movement. Both males and females benefit equally from them. The pace of the sessions is never too fast. Also, we customize the pace every single day with a different goal to achieve once the facilitator has noticed the attendees and discovers what they need and expect that day.

Dance is essentially the outside expression of the body through its movements the way it feels within. But it often turns formal caring more about technique, skill, beauty and grace. In fact it should be caring about learning patience with the body. The body should be able to understand its movements from the way it feels within. That’s all it’s about.

Once we learn to be patient with ourselves and our body, we can lighten our stress. It’s the stress that the world passes on to us with its fast-paced manufacturing production culture. We can take pride in being slow, aware and patient.

It Embraces All – Dancers and Non-dancers Alike

Strengthening  The Very Core Of Your Dance Movement

This movement is for everyone and is not limited to dancers alone. It is for anyone who is willing to explore one’s body through guided techniques. It makes the mind body connection more acute than ever before.

Flux invites everyone who is willing to experiment and feel the inner self through exploratory movement and energy. This is a research based class. It helps you feel a bit more connected with your own self and with the world around. It enables you to explore not only your body but also your entire self. As a result you achieve an easy control not only on your dance movements but also on your life in its every walk.

Movement Vs Dance

There is a difference between movement and dance. Though dance is essentially movement but all movement is not dance. That is the reason why slow spine movement is more of a wider movement based class rather than a dance class or dance therapy alone. These sessions are more to do with understanding body intelligence and awareness of its planes, its surfaces, its strengths and even its weaknesses. Here no one is a beginner and no one is advanced. Everyone works with the same tools here, and those are – the body, the mind and the spine.

You kill two birds with one stone when you join Slow Spine Movement Classes in Bangalore at FLUX. What are you waiting for, then? Join us now! Call us on 9606555607.


How can I improve my spine health?

Spine health can be easily improved by making your body relearn how to keep your spine postured as a double-s spring that it uses to keep torso erect and make the bipedal movement easier.

What causes a weak spine?

Weak muscles that are designed to support the spine in maintaining its double-s structure are the most basic cause of a weak spine. Moving spine slowly is therapeutic as it tends to make you aware of it.

How do you treat spinal instability?

Spinal instability is best treated by first making you aware of your weak muscles designed to support your spine through moving it at a slow pace. Once you are aware, you start strengthening them.

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Slow Spine Movement: A Comprehensive Dance Movement Therapy
Slow Spine Movement: A Comprehensive Dance Movement Therapy

Slow Spine Movement in Bangalore not only strengthens the core of authentic dance movement but is also a complete dance movement therapy.

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