A Comprehensive Course in Physical Theatre in Bangalore

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Connect: A 100 Hour Course in Physical Theatre in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We are offering Connect: a 100 hour course in physical theatre in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX. The course starts on 4th January 2020 and runs for 3 months.

Connect: A Course In Physical Theatre In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

This is a course that is an amalgamation of dance and theatre. I prefer contemporary dance classes near me and abstract theatre for this amalgamation. It is a 100 hour course that not only teaches you basics in contemporary dance Bangalore but also trains you in the art of performance. And since a lot of expression in the performance is done through the body, it is performed and perceived through a physical medium.

There is something very beautiful about seeing a performer on stage that is truly alive, present and vulnerable. Without even one of these things, the performance falls flat. It will not be able to reach the audience in its true sense. For achieving this sort of a presence, the mind and body need to come together and connect.

Improvisation as A Tool

Connect: A Course In Physical Theatre In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

In this course in physical theatre in Bangalore, we will not only find this connection theoretically but also through experience and constant improvisational exercises. Improvisation is a very important aspect of any form of devising. It is so because this is where there is a free flow of ideas and constructions. This is where people can truly express what they are going through in life. And then they pick up certain parts to patch them together with the craft of storytelling.

This is also a big reason why we give more importance to feelings than to form or the narrative. We work with a certain motivation of what we are feeling and how we want the audience to feel. It’s because if the audience does not feel the performance, there is no point doing it at all.

The only purpose of art is to make people think and feel. Without thinking and feeling life loses its real virtue. This is why in this course we concentrate on bringing out the thinkers and feelers in each one of us.

Writing as Another Important Tool

Connect: A Course In Physical Theatre In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

To get into thinking exercises we also include a lot of writing in this course in physical theatre in Bangalore so that people can express what they are feeling and communicate them in a clear language using words. Sometimes the body can be evasive and misinterpreted but when it is combined with words, there is a clear and direct understanding of what wants to be communicated.

Now for feeling, we use the medium of the body. Our bodies cannot lie. They express everything that we are feeling and therefore we also tap into feelings through our body in this course. Sometimes when we are very tense, our movements are way more controlled. At other times when we are truly very stressed out, we go mad on the dance floor. These are all signs and interpretations of what one could be feeling.

But in this course in physical theatre in Bangalore, we ask you to dig deep within yourself to understand how and why you are feeling what you are. This not only makes you more aware of your own feelings but also makes you study what different feelings really feel like in their ultimate depth. And then, when we create a piece, you can truly embody each one of these personally experienced feelings. You can easily translate them into your movement. This is what physical theatre is about. It amounts to truly embodying the intention of the piece in the mind, the body and the soul.

Content in Physical Theatre

Connect: A Course In Physical Theatre In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Now the content of the piece is an entirely different chapter.

We believe in creating Art for Change. This change can be personal or systemic. It can be a change within or in the audience that goes away feeling something within. It could also be about bringing a systemic change in the way things work in our constructed society. The truth is that we live in a society, which has many set patterns of thought and ways of living. These sorts of performances help us question and rethink if we want to live in this type of a setting.

Connect: A Course In Physical Theatre In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

And to realize if we really want to live in such a type of setting, we also need to understand our own feelings in relation to the lives that we touch and the lives that touch us. This is why we need to come back in touch with our feelings as performers.

At FLUX and especially in this course in physical theatre in Bangalore, we will constantly be talking about feeling and realizing different things about ourselves and our thoughts. We will also be engaging with different mediums of art at certain points to derive inspiration from them and make it a flavored experience. And then once we become a little more aware of how we are feeling, we will put it into form and structure.

The Role of Feelings


But one interesting and contradictory thing about the forms we generally work with is that they are not based in complete reality. Although the feelings that start and initiate our work are real and pure, we put them into abstract layers and in the realm of surreal storytelling. This form of storytelling often allows us to explore and talk about many different feelings rather than one. Our learning is all based on real life experiences. But isn’t our life also full of layers, different version of our selves and different realities that we have created?

Surrealism and abstraction allow us entry into all these layers of ourselves and express them through authentic and true feelings. These are the feelings that each one of us faces on a day to day level.

This form of physical theatre in Bangalore can also fall under the category of magical realism. This is a form of storytelling that is based in reality. But it takes elements of fantasy and includes them into our ideas of what is real and what is not.

The Role of Intention


For example, how do you know that the world you are currently living in is a parallel world or not? And if it is, which is the world that is parallel to ours? Which world do we belong to? Is it the world of our dreams and is that our reality? And if that is our reality, are we currently sleeping or awake? These are all very philosophical and existential questions but they do push our imagination to the edge and make us wonder.

This is the intention of Connect, the course in physical theatre in Bangalore that we are offering at FLUX. It is about making people think and wonder for themselves. It is also about creating ripples of thought and imagination through performance using both, the mind and the body.

You will love doing this course in physical theatre in Bangalore at FLUX. You can join any time before it starts on 4th January 2020 provided we are not full with our capacity by then. Call us on 9606555607 to know.


What are physical theatre skills?

It’s all about developing spatial awareness and learning new physical skills like dance movement techniques, body language through posturing and gesturing, facial expressions and gait.

What are the elements of physical theatre?

The various different elements of physical theatre comprise storytelling, dance, theatre, breaking the 4th wall of proscenium theatre, audience interaction and interaction between the actors.

What are the advantages of physical theatre?

It has a deeper as well as a longer impact on the audience owing to its quality of spontaneous audience interaction. This spontaneous interaction is enhanced with physical skills.

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A Comprehensive Course in Physical Theatre in Bangalore
A Comprehensive Course In Physical Theatre In Bangalore

We are offering A 100 Hour Course in Physical Theatre in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX on 4th January 2020 for 3 months duration.

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