Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2019)

Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We offer regular art and craft classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX. Bangalore is a buzzing city with curious and fast working minds. But all this fast working and buzz indeed makes one tire out. For helping one’s tiredness levels, one must express one’s feelings and that can be achieved through art. That is why we offer art and craft classes in our space.

Art and Craft Institute in Bangalore | FLUX

FLUX is an arts community that is also an art and craft institute in itself. There are very few art spaces in Bangalore that offer certified courses in particular forms of art. FLUX believes in Art for Change and also that only through expression and conversation can one heal the world.

Art and Craft Courses in Bangalore at FLUX

Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX That is why FLUX offers various art and craft courses like mandala art, fashion art, drawing classes, painting classes and other art workshops. There is a reason FLUX is situated in the heart of Bangalore. Many times our friends had asked our team members, “Where can I find drawing classes near me?” or “Where can I find painting classes near me?” These sorts of questions helped us understand the need and desire people have to be creative. This is exactly why and how the core members got together to create this art space.

Art and Craft Workshop in Bangalore at FLUX Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Other than these longer-duration courses, we also host short-term art and craft workshops in Bangalore, which could also be over the weekends for people to get a chance to immerse themselves into art for a longer number of hours on their holidays. This sort of immersive experience has actually proven very healing and even meditative for people who have come to FLUX.

Art and Craft Classes in Indiranagar Bangalore at FLUX

Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX Indiranagar is a space with lots of people who go to parties and offices. However, there is a lack of spaces that help people immerse and interact with themselves. This is another reason why we thought of starting art and craft classes in Indiranagar Bangalore at FLUX. Here there is so much variety and so much speed that people hardly ever get time to sit and think. We recognized this as a problem.

Best Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore at FLUX

Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX And the biggest complement we can receive is when we hear people feel happy at our art space. Recently, someone was asking one of our team members “Where can I find art classes near me” and one of our core member exclaimed – please come to FLUX!

FLUX is an art space where you will really find the best art and craft classes in Bangalore. This is not just because of the experienced teachers but also because of the vibe and philosophy of the space. You will need to visit us in order to feel what we are trying to say!

Art and Craft Classes for Adults in Bangalore

Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX This is a great space for kids and adults both. The kind of stress and tensions that we adults go through in today’s competitive times needs for us to learn how to relax our mind and let go. Art and craft classes for adults in Bangalore are specifically designed for adults to help them relieve their stress and express how they feel.

Art and Craft Classes for Adults near Me

We know one of the apprehensions adults have to join these classes is that “I want to join art and craft classes for adults near me” and that is actually a very important parameter. We completely understand it. The traffic of Bangalore is not only too much to drive in but also draining. This is why FLUX is located at a very central location, which is fast to get to from any part of Bangalore! One can also take a metro to Indiranagar and escape traffic jams!

Art and Craft Classes near Me

Art and Craft Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX We know that most of us are constantly looking for art and craft classes nearby to learn from. In fact, many parents would ask us before we started flux, “Would you know of any drawing classes for kids near me?” or “would you know of painting classes near me for kids?”. These are common questions, which also make sense. The thing is that out of the range of adults and kids, kids are also being put through a lot of unnecessary pressure at a very young age, which is just not fair.

Art and Craft Courses near Me

FLUX This is why we have made art and craft courses available in spaces near you and me accessible by kids and by adults. You see, these courses are not just a hobby but a gift to oneself when one can really get back in touch with their feelings. These courses are designed not only to attain skill in a new art form but are also a great excuse to spend some time with one’s own self.

Art and Craft Institute near Me

We often look for art and craft institutes that are close to us. And since FLUX is situated at such a central location, it isn’t very far from any part of Bangalore. Also, we not only offer these courses but can also give certification on completion for many of the art forms that we teach here. In that regard, FLUX also has an institutional credibility.

FLUX Art and Craft Workshop near Me

And if someone does not have the time to do a long course, they can always take up shorter art and craft workshops. These workshops in fact are very popular and are important events in Bangalore. People from different backgrounds and understandings come here together to create and learn. This energy of community-hood is what we celebrate at FLUX.

Art and Craft Lessons near Me

FLUX FLUX offers lessons in art and craft that are accessible. Since FLUX is very close to the metro station, it becomes a central point that is near to anyone. We have deliberately chosen this location so that art can be found in areas of Bangalore where it doesn’t truly exist. Also, we are happy and proud to launch our upcoming art and craft lessons. These include drawing, painting, sketching and craftwork as well!

We hope that you come and join us and initiate the flux in you! FLUX believes in Art for Change. We are here to slowly and deeply try to bring about a change. It is going to be a change in the body, the mind and the soul.

Join them and experience for yourself!

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If you still have any questions, you may get your answers here: Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Hi,
    I’m an artist looking for a space to conduct workshop in Bangalore. Do you rent out the space to outsiders? If yes, can you please let me know the details. Thanks

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      Hi Navya,

      Thanks for your interest in our courses

      Please give us a call on 9606555607 to know more about your specific interest in Art and Craft Classes.


      Team FLUX

  2. Hi!
    I’m looking for a space to conduct art workshop in Bangalore
    Do let me know if you rent your space for a four hour workshop in weekend

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      Hi Bala,

      Please come to meet us in person or give us a call on 9606555607, so that we can discuss in detail what your exact requirements are.

      With regards,

      Team FLUX

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