Heavenly Music Performance in Bangalore: Chakra Harmonizing Ragas

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Events in Bangalore at FLUX: Music Performance in Bangalore by Nimisha Shankar – Chakra Harmonizing Ragas

We are going to stage Chakra Harmonizing Ragas – a music performance in Bangalore by Nimisha Shankar in the series of events in Bangalore at FLUX.

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Events In Bangalore At Flux: Music Performance By Nimisha Shankar - Chakra Harmonizing Ragas

Date: 14th December 2019

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Price: Rs 400

Tickets are available on Book My Show & at FLUX

Chakra Harmonising Raagas by NIMISHA SHANKAR FT. SILENTSAGE

About The Chakra Harmonizing Ragas Project

Ragas influence the 7 chakras to maintain their optimum spin and balance, ensuring a balanced energy supply to different organs connected to these chakras. Hence using the 7 notes for 7 chakras of our body, we can align the frequencies of the chakras. That is how this balance restores the natural qualities of all these chakras.

Events In Bangalore At Flux: Music Performance By Nimisha Shankar - Chakra Harmonizing Ragas

The performance is designed with mystical sounds, whirling and whooshing of the synths and electronic soundscaping that takes you away into the inner universe of self while classical ragas help you relax. The visual storytelling by motion graphic artist also creates a hypnotic spell of sorts tickling your visuals senses to stir up beyond the ordinary meditative space.

The project is a musical journey of 7 Indian classical ragas, strung together as an hour-long musical experience. In fact these ragas are meant to heal and harmonize the body’s energy centres/chakras. Also, some of the ragas mentioned in the project are raag Bhimpalasi, raag Yaman, raag Des.

Music Performance Events in Bangalore: Chakra Harmonizing Concept


The “Chakra harmonizing ragas” project is performed by Nimisha Shankar, a musician who performs various genres of Indian music. In fact this project directly links us to the ancient knowledge system that combines music and Yoga. It also enables healing through music. Though the subject is quite a deep one yet in just an hour’s performance by the artist, the audience experiences the harmonizing flow of 7 Indian classical ragas through the 7 chakras of the body.

About Nimisha Shankar & Her Music Performance

Events In Bangalore At Flux: Music Performance By Nimisha Shankar - Chakra Harmonizing Ragas

Nimisha enjoys carving out projects from her cultural influences and aspirations. Hence as a musician and a creative director of her cultural initiative Recalling Roots, there is always something new and exciting she is on to. In fact her music is a mix of folk, jazz, blues and beats – sensual and enthralling, a mix of influences amalgamating into a unique voice.

Nimisha’s musical journey began in early childhood, where she complimented her training in Indian Classical (Hindustani) music with a keener observation, learning and following of traditional folk music from Bihar, her native region. She also accompanied her mother to stage performances as part of her journey.

Recalling Roots


Having performed as a traditional folk singer in about 15 countries, she is now expanding her musical journey into electronic music and motion graphics art through collaborations with various artists across the globe. She has also extended her impassioned love for art and culture by crafting novelties through her art venture “Recalling Roots”.

Nimisha founded Recalling Roots with a focus on bringing a unique approach and attitude in the experiencing of art & culture. In fact she has fully adapted her skills in curation and creative direction. Now she is often busy in curating for art spaces, concerts and festivals. At present, she is also working with an Italian jazz artist for her upcoming publication in 2020.

Visuals by Silentsage.in

Anupam Singh Aka “Silent Sage” is an Indonesia based motion graphic artist who uses the repertoire of his visual language to explore a story that dances with each chakra and its corresponding elements throughout the performance. Much like a duet!

Book your tickets now to avoid disappointment. Let’s remind you the date and the time of the event:

Date: 14th December 2019

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Price: Rs 400

Tickets are available on Book My Show & at FLUX.

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What is a performance of music called?

A performance of multiple pieces of music by a group or a single musician is called a concert. And if it’s about one single performer as well as one single piece, it’s called a recital.

What is a musical performer?

A variety of performers constitute a musical performer. For example a singer, an instrumentalist, a band, an orchestra, a couple of singers singing duets, a musical group and more.

What makes a good musical performance?

A good musical performance enchants the audience. It’s full of feeling and passion making it an energetic delivery. You can always get a feedback about its quality by the loudness of claps.

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