Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX
(Last Updated On: April 4, 2020)

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We offer the best western dance classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX facilitated by the experts in the said specific dance that one opts for.

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Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXDance is one of the oldest forms of art in the world. From as far back, as archaeologists tell, dancing has always been a part of celebration and ritual in all cultures. Ancient sub-Saharan African dances were used to celebrate births, to reinforce certain values, and for fun. In Latin America, dance is deeply ingrained in the culture and everyday life. Indian classical dances draw on ancient motives that are still used in dance today. The Middle East is famous for dances in which participants usually link arms. People travel to Turkey just to see the famous whirling dervish dances.

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXWhen we look to the Western world, we see many folk dances. The influence that the French dance form of ballet has had cannot be understated. Dance was polite and refined in the renaissance era. But as we moved into more modern times, different forms were born. Dancers also made new adjustments and movements to their old routines. Modern dance was born in the United States in the late 19th century and early 20th century. In fact modern dance continues to influence the styles of today.

We provide a number of the best western dance classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX in a variety of styles. If you are looking for ‘dance classes near me’, then you need to come visit us to see what we have in store for you! In terms of Western styles, our contemporary dance program is a must try.

Western Contemporary Dance

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXX Sense, which is the best answer to your query ‘western dance classes near me’, is our flagship course and is the most intensive and rewarding. In a 3 month period you will spend 100 hours (or more, your choice!) of learning the basics up to a graduation performance.

You will also find yourself doing choreography and moves you never thought possible! X Sense is perfect if you looking for ‘dance classes near me for adults’.

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXOur facilitators are expert, fun, and passionate; and they will also push you to work hard. If the commitment to X Sense seems too intense, we also have night classes that can be taken as drop-in classes. Alternatively you can sign up for a batch of these drop-in courses and reconnect with your body. They are also a great way to reconnect with a partner or loved one if you take them together!

Our studio has courses for every age. If you are looking for ‘dance classes for kids near me’, we have programs that cater to children. We teach them how to perform, how to jump, tumble, and leap. Kids love movement and fun and our classes provide both. We work with small groups of kids, so if you are searching for ‘dance classes near me for kids’, FLUX is a good choice. Your child will also get personal attention and delight in showing you what they have learned.

Best Western Dance Classes near me

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXOne thing that makes FLUX accessible is our location. We are centrally located in Indiranagar on the bustling 12th main. If you were to take the metro, you can stroll through the quieter back roads behind 12th main and between 100 Feet road to reach us. So your query of a ‘dance academy near me’ is close by and easy to find!

Beyond the contemporary dance detailed above, we also offer courses in Jazz and Hip-Hop. Our jazz course will be starting soon, over a month period. The instructors came to FLUX to give a workshop and their skills absolutely astonished everyone! They have high energy, new and radical ideas and a lot of fun. These classes will leave you breathless in a good way.

Hip Hop Dance

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXOther forms of Western dance include occasional workshops on Hip Hop. We have had guests from all over the world come to do workshops. These are also the answer to your queries like ‘dance class near me with fees’. You can select any number of workshops that look good to you. America is unique in that it is a melting pot of cultures, and the dance styles they produce are no different. Much of what becomes mainstream popular culture begins within the black community. This is always especially true of dance, besides the styles that have their roots firmly in white culture, country-western or line dancing.

Jazz Dance

Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXAs jazz dance became increasingly popular, so did the murmurs of the conservatives too. This was not, to them, proper dance. They feared that the jazz lifestyle would corrupt their children, so they channeled their efforts into country-western. In fact, in many schools in the US, it was taught in physical education. It came from those who wanted to keep different kinds of people separate. And plenty of those people still remain, and live that way, and perform those dances. But the good ones are the ones that allowed people to break free and didn’t assign things like race or gender bias.


Best Western Dance Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUXFLUX is a community that seeks to bring all sorts of dance to the floor. We have western and eastern forms being taught and learned every day. Not all searches to your query ‘dance schools near me’ have those available together!

We seek to explore as well, finding ways to fuse the two into some pieces. When we focus on contemporary dance we are tapping into a style that is still emerging, changing, and growing. Like much of dance, it evolves.

Jazz and Hip Hop Evolution

FLUXJazz and hip hop dances have also evolved a lot. The era of swing dance and modern dance is mostly past us. Our new jazz dance program is a good answer to your query ‘dance classes near me with fees’ that you will truly enjoy. You will find your confidence growing and your strength increasing. You will also find that dance brings grace to the way you walk down the street. In fact our slogan, Art for Change, literally means what it says. We seek to help you use dance to find the changes you need to make. These can be any kind of changes. They can be personal or they can be there with a global perspective. Regardless, we are here to connect your emotions, to your movements, to your inner strength.

Are you interested in joining any of these best western dance classes in Bangalore Indiranagar that we provide at FLUX?

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