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UI UX Design Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We keep offering ui ux design courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX from time to time. These courses are always facilitated by experienced ui ux designers professionally active in the field. UI UX is one of the most sought after areas of design in the business world.

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Ui Ux Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

User interface and User Experience Design are often placed together. They are definitely related and inter-dependent but they are not the same. At FLUX, we give you separate specific knowledge about each of these. Let us start it by explaining the difference between them.

User Interface design is to do with the aesthetics of a website or an app. In fact it is a graphic job that asks the designer to deal with color, font styles, size and illustrations. It is their job to make the user’s experience aesthetically pleasing.

User Experience design deals with the ease of navigating a website. A UX designer works on algorithms and programming to make the viewing and interacting with a website easy. Therefore, this designer also helps and guides the UI designer to aesthetically design the website or app.

Our ui ux design courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX are coming up shortly. And they will not only talk about this difference, but also about their co-relation.

UI UX Design in Bangalore

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Bangalore is a city full of competing startups. Each of these start ups need a basic website. Therefore, the demand for UI/IX designers is pretty huge here! Hence for any upcoming designer this is a great field to look into. And we at Flux will soon offer a course that will teach you everything you need to know about ui ux design.

We will also give you all the guidelines you need! In fact we will explain to you all the tools, principles and process work you need to know! However, this will also require you to study different elements and also do your own bit of research. We will facilitate this process by making assignments and deliverables for you.

UI UX Design Education

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Ui Ux Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

There are of course great learning spaces like Designerrs Lab Bangalore in HSR layout. Here, their ‘designerss’ are very top notch! Even the designerrs review is very strong! However if you are looking forward to making a community in the city of Bangalore, we encourage you to join our humble arts space. We propagate the idea of learning and growing together in organic and convenient ways. We have with us a school of curious learners who always want to collaborate on their projects. They also use our space as their studio space!

In fact for us at FLUX, the whole idea is ‘the more the merrier’. Hence we invite each and every one of you to come and work with us to create, create and create!

UI UX Design Courses

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Ui Ux Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

All the details for our ui and ux courses are uploaded online as and when they are offered. We are a transparent and detail driven organization. We will soon be uploading details like the duration of the course and the course syllabus. Details such as these can help you set aside your time and plan your work.

Knowing what you will be learning will help you research for material in advance and be prepared to learn. In fact the scope of our teachings is quite large and varied. Other than providing a full course, we also have short courses and workshop modules. This sort of flexibility can help people from different walks of life to engage with a new art form!

UI UX Design Courses in Bangalore

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Ui Ux Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

There are many people in ui ux jobs in Hyderabad. There are also institutes like Design Boat Pune. Design Boat is very popular in that city. But what is the scene in Bangalore? There are some great options here. But are they enough? Are they convenient for you?

Our courses at FLUX will focus on all aspects of interface design and experience design. We will not only teach you the technical aspects of it, but also help you research. We will plan constant group feedback that will help you better your skills. Through constant feedback you can understand what works in experience and interface design on a step to step level. This sort of detailed research work and feedback is a huge advantage and privilege to learn well.

Let us now talk about the fees aspect of our course. All this information will be up online. But, we would like to say something more here. We have priced these classes at a very subsidized rate with the best teachers. So you can trust us and come join us.

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Ui Ux Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

However, in Bangalore there are only two other very popular organizations, which you could also join! These are Yellowchalk and Bridge UX Design Studios in Koramangala and HSR layout.

However, there is way too much traffic in these areas. If you want to select something much closer by or near to you, you can come to us! We are located very close to the metro station, which makes us easily accessible. For those of you, who are looking for a convenient option to learn ui ux from, look no further!

UI UX Design Jobs in Bangalore

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After doing our course, you can easily apply for an internship or a job too! Our long course gives you a certification that can be a great way of validating your expertise! After learning with us, you will be knowledgeable enough to apply to ui ux design companies in Bangalore. Bangalore is a growing city with so much scope. With the numerous numbers of startups, you can easily get a job as a ui ux designer.

This field has a huge scope of work! So please feel free to call us or drop in to know more about our course. You can just come to meet our teachers and understand the skillset and toolkit you will attain as well! We happily take this opportunity to invite you to learn, share and grow with us on this journey!

Are you interested in joining our ui ux design courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX?

If yes, just give us a call on 9606555607 today!


Does UI UX design require coding?

Although UI UX design doesn’t directly require coding yet understanding the basics of coding gives one a better understanding of what is possible and what is not as a part of UI UX design.

Is UX UI design a good career?

Yes, UX UI design is one of the highest paid careers among all other fields of design. These designers are almost always high in demand and can make a huge difference in branding a business.

Is UX UI design easy?

It’s certainly not easy to master UX UI concepts. These concepts actually require a deep insight into the most basic design elements and their advanced implication.

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Critical UI UX Design Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar | FLUX
Critical Ui Ux Design Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

We keep offering ui ux design courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX facilitated by experienced ui ux designers professionally active in the field.

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