How FLUX Qualifies to Be Best Contemporary Dance School in Bangalore

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2023)

How FLUX at Indiranagar Qualifies to Be the Best Contemporary Dance School in Bangalore

We are here to assess how FLUX at Indiranagar qualifies to be the best contemporary dance school in Bangalore. We will examine what the parameters of a real good contemporary dance school should be. And then we will assess how well FLUX stands true to those parameters.

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What Is Contemporary Dance School?

How Flux Qualifies To Be Best Contemporary Dance School In Bangalore

There are art universities which teach dance in all the wonderful forms it has. Passionate artists around the world attend a dance university. India also has some of the best dance schools in the world. There are even government dance colleges in India.

But many people develop an interest in dance later on in their lives. Others move dancing to a part-time job. For yet others, it could be a hobby or a unique form of exercise. Some people find themselves returning to dance as their career despite they had chosen a different one earlier in life. Some people just need something to utilize their time proactively as they take a break from school or work. They do so while hunting for a new job as well. For all these people, we have  FLUX ready to fulfill what they need.

What Is Contemporary Dance?

How Flux Qualifies To Be Best Contemporary Dance School In Bangalore

You may wonder, what is contemporary dance? How are we using the word contemporary here, and is it similar to using it in the visual arts? There is plenty to learn about Contemporary dance history. Contemporary dance has come to be a fusion of a number of dance forms. It was born out of modern dance, styles of ballet, and hints of jazz. But as it evolved, it was happy to adjust to new styles and incorporate global dance styles into it.

In fact contemporary dance has been described as the dance equivalent of abstract painting. It does not tell the audience what to think or feel. Rather, it showcases pieces that the audience derives their own meaning from. The dance is presented with emotion and feeling intended for the audience to sense. Unlike some traditional forms of dance, there is no climax to a show. As the world of dance moves into the future, contemporary dance will remain a fixture.

Contemporary Dance Schools


Contemporary Dance Group Class: If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are interested in actually stepping onto the dance floor. You’ve watched enough contemporary dance videos. And you are ready to find a place to try it out for your own. Or maybe you’re just sort of pondering it slightly. Regardless, FLUX is a studio with a welcoming vibe and a number of dance classes. We do focus on contemporary dance mostly.

However if you are interested in other dance forms, do see us! FLUX also offers jazz, Bollywood, hip hop, urban, freestyle, contact improv and choreography classes apart from contemporary dance. We also have guest facilitators coming in to host workshops like Deep Dive Self Improvement Workshop, Women’s Circles, Sustainable Development for Startups, Playback Theatre Training, Film Making Courses, Dance Therapy Workshop and more.

X Sense

How Flux Qualifies To Be Best Contemporary Dance School In Bangalore

We have casual drop-in classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Perhaps right now you are only thinking about dipping a toe or two into dance, and you can try those. You will learn dance techniques. But maybe you are ready to dive into our intensive and the most rewarding course, X Sense.

X Sense is a 100 hour course that will teach you about yourself while you learn to dance. More than just a series of workouts and steps, X-Sense aims at connecting your emotions with your movement. X-Sense will also teach you how to use contemporary dance to express yourself. Some of our teachers really enjoy modern music, so we use the best songs to choreograph pieces.

Contemporary Dance School Near Me

How Flux Qualifies To Be Best Contemporary Dance School In Bangalore

Contemporary Dance Class Near Me: After scouring the streets of Bangalore for the perfect location, we found our studio on 12th Main. It was a perfect location and a completely empty space. This ended up being a blessing as it allowed us to create the atmosphere we wanted and the shapes that were conducive.

Working with a talented team of designers and architects, we made a wonderful space. And it is easy to get to, as we are most centrally located in Indiranagar. If you are using the metro, the walk from the station is not far.

Contemporary Dance Class Curriculum

How Flux Qualifies To Be Best Contemporary Dance School In Bangalore

Contemporary Dance Class Description: X-Sense and all the rest of our dance programs have a curriculum in place to build students up from beginners to dancers. We won’t ask you to do handstands on the first day. But during the last week of your course, you may find that you’ve developed the strength to do one.

We work on agility and flexibility in the beginning. We move to strengthening your core and other muscles before we begin the more difficult choreography. The class will help you learn more about your spine and release techniques. Our different facilitators have different skill sets and focus on different areas.

Once you become familiar with the teachers, you will know what kind of class it will be! Some days you might know your arms will be very sore the next day. Other days you know you’ll have some bruises (worn with pride) from rolling around on the floor.


How Flux Qualifies To Be Best Contemporary Dance School In Bangalore

The key to dressing for dance class is simple. Unless it is a performance, you needn’t worry about costumes. During the classes, you need to dress in a way that is comfortable. Strike a balance between loose and fit, and be sure to cover your legs.


Not every part of dance class is dancing! In order to be able to twist, tumble and turn, you need to strengthen your body. This we do through a variety of exercises. Sometimes we incorporate modern dance into games and exercises that are designed to elevate your dance practice.

Training Videos

If you are interested in seeing what we can do, our dance videos are there on YouTube. We use contemporary dance music of all sorts. While there may be a sea of training videos, so much is lost without interactive classmates and a worthy teacher. Watching those videos may be a good way to practice or build confidence. But we invite you in for a class to discover for yourself what a difference it makes! It does mean something unique to place your feet on the floor and learn how to soar.


The Quality of the Trainers at FLUX

How Flux Qualifies To Be Best Contemporary Dance School In Bangalore

What else does a contemporary dance school need for qualifying to be the best contemporary dance school in Bangalore?

Certainly, it is the quality of the teachers who train the students!

We proudly declare that we have a large number of our in-house facilitators to train the students. This way we are much better equipped with ascertaining the quality of our trainers.

In fact our in-house trainers are also the part of FLUX Contemporary Dance Company. It is a highly professional company that keeps creating and performing newer and newer pieces of choreography. These performances are highly acclaimed by the audience. The company also creates and performs physical theatre productions, of which contemporary dance is an organic element.

In-house Trainers

How Flux Qualifies To Be Best Contemporary Dance School In Bangalore

This all makes our in-house trainers the best dancers as well as the best teachers in the city.

The majority of other dance schools hire freelancers as their facilitators from outside. Therefore they are not able to provide the kind of quality teachers which FLUX is able to do. We do it with our in-house company members established as real creative dancers in the city.

That is why we say that FLUX at Indiranagar qualifies to be the best contemporary dance school in Bangalore.

Would you like to join the best contemporary classes in the best contemporary dance school in Bangalore?

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What age should you start contemporary dance?

The earlier the better! In fact, when you start schooling in your early childhood, you should also start your contemporary dance training along. It does a lot of benefit that way.

How many years does it take to learn contemporary dance?

It takes about eight year to graduate from an absolute beginner to become a complete master of the contemporary dance discipline. But you can always speed up the process by working harder.

Is 14 too late to start contemporary dance?

Not really. Although an early start in life does provide a privilege, yet it’s never too late to start something you are passionate about. Passion matters more than does age even if you are 40.

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