Innovative Event Photography Courses in Bangalore at FLUX

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2023)

Event Photography Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Event Photography Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

We keep offering event photography courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX from time to time. These courses are always facilitated by professionally experienced event photographers currently active in the field.

Bangalore is a city full of events. It is not only a metropolitan but also a cosmopolitan city that caters to all kids of audiences. That is why there are a hundred different types of events that take place in Bangalore every day. And since there are so many events, each one of them also needs promoting and managing it properly.

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Event Photography Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

This promotion is done through social media. But to make social media posts work, we need content. This content is generally in the form of videos and photos. These photos don’t need a lot of editing, at least when clicked by a good event photographer. And these photos have a huge demand. And since there is a huge demand for these photos, there is also a huge demand for event photographers.

If you are someone who wants to cater to this demand, start learning it now. Since the level of competition is very high in this field, mediocrity just doesn’t work. For that, we at FLUX have organized many professional level courses in event photography for you.

FLUX is an arts community that is very aware of the changing times. We constantly keep pace with what is happening so that we can teach our students well. Our even photography courses have also been crafted after studying the market and understanding its demands.

Best Event Photography Courses in Bangalore Indiranagar

Event Photography Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

We know that there are many photography workshops in the city. In fact every third street you turn into, might have a business set up to teach photography. But do they also have all the resources you need?

There are many photography clubs in Bangalore that form a collective. But many a time, collectives come together only with passion. But where do they get this passion from? How to execute it? There is a huge difference between imagining a thing and actually doing it. That is where FLUX enters in.

We understand that photography is a very meticulous and disciplined field. An event photographer needs to do things in time. You need to shoot photos in time. You also need to edited and deliver them to the client in time. It is a quantifiable field in terms of deliverables. That is why we have made a proper course structure with all the necessary elements. The following are a few of our focus areas to teach you event photography. Let us talk about each of these points in an elaborate way.


Event Photography Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

We would like to discuss all the different kinds of events that exist. Through this we would like to help you understand what style of photography you require for which event. For example, in a conference you may need to take more stills of the audience and the speaker. Or if you are in a school function, you may want to get more shots of the kids on stage. Or they might need more close-ups and parent interactions as well! Therefore, to become a good event photographer, we think it is important we discuss what the expected deliverables could be.


Event Photography Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

We plan to rent out the latest equipment for you to learn on. Everyday the equipment the market uses is changing. That is why we prefer renting the latest equipment every time rather than purchasing the latest equipment today. In any case, the latest models of today are going to get obsolete very fast. We also have our own convertible photo studio that has different screens for the background. We also have in-house lighting, which is there for an enhanced effect on the outcome. However we also rent out special lights generally used for lighting events for photos!

Event Photography Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At FluxFacilitators

We have on board some of the best and practicing event photographers. They have all the tricks up their sleeves. They know how to get just the right angle with the perfect light leak. Hence they don’t only teach you to get the aesthetic quality but also suitable equipment for a given situation.

Therefore, trust us and trust them to teach the know-how of becoming an ace event photographer!

Event Photo Editing

Event Photography Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Once a photo is clicked, it also needs some level of post-production work. This basically means that one has to work with the saturation, contrasts, color balance and the shadows. Also one has to find out whether these photos will be used on web or in print. If the photos are to be used in print media, they should be exported in the CMYK color format. This basically allows the printer to read the color values correctly and accurately. And if the clicked photos are for web, they need to be exported in the RGB color format. You can know more and learn about these technicalities from our facilitators directly!

Group Work and Feedback

Event Photography Courses In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

However, we believe that it is important to really execute and learn. That is why we also give assignments for you to do in your classes. For these assignments it is ideal to collaborate by forming groups. It also helps you to work in a community format and be more receptive towards feedback. As event photographers, we need to be open to feedback or even to client demands. If you disagree with your client, you need to know how to convey your thoughts in the right manner. These are all soft skills that you will learn in this course by constant collaboration and rigorous feedback sessions.

It not only deepens your practice but also controls your ego levels.

FLUX: A Comfortable Location for Event Photography Courses in Bangalore


Other than all of this we also have one other big advantage. We are very conveniently located in the most central part of the city. Many aspiring photographers are always searching for ‘photography classes near me’. They generally never find something that they like.

We are an accessible, affordable and accountable arts community very close to the metro line! You can save a lot of travel time and money by just hopping onto the nearest metro to you!

If you feel convinced enough after reading about our course structure and the logistics of joining us, call us! And if you would like to come and meet us or take a look at the space, please do that! FLUX is open for anyone and everyone who would like to enter a world of work, imagination and love!

Are you really interested in joining our event photography courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX?

If yes, give us a call on 9606555607 today!


What is photography of events called?

It’s simply called event photography which aims at creating high quality images in different types of events including personal events, corporate events and social events.

How do you take photography events?

Photography events are taken by preparing well in advance through arranging the proper gear for the same. You should be experienced enough in capturing the candid moments of the event.

What is the role of event photography?

Event photography plays a very important role of creating lifelong memories of an event. The people involved in the event always want to see these images and show them to others every now and then.

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Innovative Event Photography Courses in Bangalore at FLUX
Innovative Event Photography Courses In Bangalore At Flux

We keep offering event photography courses in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX from time to time, facilitated by professionally practicing event photographers.

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