Wild Woman Witchcraft: Wild Woman Archetype Dance Theatre Bangalore

Wild Woman Witchcraft - Wild Woman Archetype Dance Theatre in Bangalore
(Last Updated On: March 15, 2022)

Wild Woman Witchcraft: Wild Woman Archetype Dance Theatre in Bangalore at FLUX

Wild Woman Witchcraft is a dance theatre production in Bangalore. It also shows the wild woman archetype in intuitive and visceral ways.

9 witches meet each other after a long time to cook soup together. But they use a secret recipe that goes beyond the realm of our mundane lives. Thus the production explores what it means to be a wild woman. Especially so in a world which makes the wild spirit of the feminine forever apologetic.

This dance theatre is a story of courage and grace. Also of resilience and strength. More so of intuition and wisdom. This is also a story of the ageless knowing. In fact it’s a story of those who ‘know’ and those who see the unseen. Thus they bring forth wisdom, freedom and sovereignty for themselves.

This they do with utmost kindness and softness of character. In fact this is truly the story of the feminine in its glory. So will you come to taste the soup?

What Is A Wild Woman?

A wild woman is one who is authentically instinctive. She also values autonomy.  Therefore she is the master of her own self. In fact she is a free soul. Also, she is a passionate adventurer. But for her life is always in flux. And then she lives each and every moment of it in its fullness. That is why she enjoys each and every bit of it.

What Are The Traits of the Wild Woman Archetype?

  • Curiosity – She never lets her curiosity die and questions everything.
  • Autonomy – She decides to be the absolute master of her own self and rejects all social conditioning.
  • Authenticity – She listens to the signals given by her inner self, not by any outer authority.
  • Boldness – She is fearless and quietly turns her decisions into actions without any fear.
  • Interaction – She loves and values true and honest interactions rather than protocols of stagnant relations.
  • Physical Identification – She accepts and responds to her physical calls in an uninhibited manner.
  • Acceptance – She accepts life as it comes to her with all its ups and downs.
  • Creativity – She has a heightened sense of aesthetics and hence every action of hers is a creative solution.
  • Sensitivity – She accepts her negative feelings as naturally without wearing a mask of forced positivity as a facade.
  • Instinctive Orientation – She values instincts more than she values any moral, social or cultural commandments.

How to to Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman?

  • Interact with or know about other wild women.
  • Understand the futility of social conditionings forced upon you.
  • Go out and explore the world.
  • Go within and introspect.
  • Be creative.
  • Enjoy the moment by making it enjoyable.
  • Be bold and declare yourself free.

This Dance Theatre in Bangalore at FLUX

Sahiba Singh, the contemporary dance trainer and choreographer has directed Wild Woman Witchcraft, dance theatre in Bangalore. She is the in-charge of X Sense Professional Dance Course at FLUX which is presenting the performance.

The following trainees of the present X Sense batch are performing in the show…

  • Ankita Dawn
  • Disha Pancholi
  • Himani Mahto
  • Kajol U Shah
  • Lavina Jeswani
  • Manasvi Lathkar
  • Meerasri Balasubramanian
  • Swati Garg
Sohini Bhattacharya has done the music for the show.

It’s a unique dance theatre in Bangalore at FLUX

Show Date: 26th March 2022 – 27th March 2022
Show Timings: 7:00 PM
Ticket Price: Rs 300
Flux School Of Arts, Indiranagar
Payment Link (Book My Show):
Gpay on 8861437687
Don’t miss this dance theatre show. In fact it may well be a lifetime experience for some of you!
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