Deep Dive: Self Improvement Workshop in Bangalore at FLUX

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Deep Dive: An 80 Hour Self Improvement Workshop in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We are offering Deep Dive: An 80 Hour Self Improvement Workshop in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX starting in mid-January 2020.

Deep Dive: An 80 Hour Self Improvement Workshop in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

Are you interested in exploring yourself deeper than you did ever before? Have you ever been to Nimhans? The more you explore, the more you improve yourself. Self improvement is something that a major chunk of the world population has always been interested in. For me, it’s like always having a psychologist near me to help me out!

Out of all the available events in Bangalore, self development and self improvement programs hold a special status as people are always looking for a personal development plan to fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Are you one among them?

What is Deep Dive?

Deep Dive: Self Improvement Workshop In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Deep Dive is a unique exploration of self, relationships with others, and purpose in the world – all in a supportive group setting. Four modules of one month each take you on a journey of awareness and change – starting with yourself, delving into relationships with others, creating the world you want, and finally a more intense dive that can be even more transformative.

If you’re interested in taking your life to the next level, this course is for you. If you’re looking for a supportive group in which to heal and empower yourself, this course is for you. Also, if you’re feeling in a rut in your 9-5 job and want a more meaningful life, this course may be what you need. Finally, if you just want to connect to yourself and others in a deeper way, you are an exact fit for Deep Dive.

Deep Dive is something that must be experienced to be understood, and you are invited to give it a try for yourself. In fact, it’s going to be a life of more peace and power, better relationships, and strength to make a difference in the world we all keep awaiting for. Deep Dive is especially intended for young adults who are open to new ideas and change, and who are looking for an exciting opportunity to connect to themselves and others in a more real way.

Self-Improvement Workshop in Bangalore Indiranagar

Deep Dive: Self Improvement Workshop In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Each module is one month long and composed of sessions twice a week, along with one Saturday night stay over or weekend retreat. That is why it is recommended that the modules be taken in order but exceptions are possible. But as the fourth module is a more rigorous one, it is required that the 3 previous modules be completed first. You are welcome to sign up for one module at a time or to all four modules together. Deep Dive does require commitment, and the group is there to support one another. But the group will only be limited to 15 participants.

Module 1

Deep Dive: Self Improvement Workshop In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Module 1 begins with a look into your own self. What are your growing edges? What triggers you? And what are your fears? We will develop skills in listening, speaking from the heart, critical thinking, and finding your voice and creative spark. We’ll explore how to think better as well as how to listen to the body and its subconscious wisdom. One Saturday night stayover will help deepen trust and connections in the group. We will explore ways of taking our masks off and being fully ourselves. Also, we will celebrate doing that!

Module 2

Deep Dive: Self Improvement Workshop In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Module 2 is all about relating in a new way, whether that is to family, friends, co-workers, or an intimate partner. We will have many activities with a partner that will develop skills in communication, vulnerability, boundaries, and trust. We will also explore gender and sexuality through the power of shared personal experience and deep listening. Romantic relationships will be unpacked. How to transform unhealthy patterns into healthy ones? How to listen to each other even in conflict? Also, how to experience the love you want? In fact, the Saturday stayover will be a chance to put these skills to practice and build community together.

Module 3

Deep Dive

Module 3 delves into our relationship with the world. We’ll start with our immediate context. What is working for us and what can we change? We will then look at the wider world and what the reality of today is. We need to look at it from gender violence to the environmental crisis.

How do we really feel about what is going on and what can we do about it? What issues really call on you to act for a change? We’ll also look at how power and privilege show up in our lives in ways we may not even be aware of. Moreover we will be looking at gender, class and caste, religion, et cetera. Also, we’ll visualize the world we want to create.

Thus we’ll deepen our sense of purpose in life by deciding what we have to offer to the world. We will also look at how we can support one another in our work and what new projects we might undertake together.

Module 4

Deep Dive

Finally, the 4th module takes the Deep Dive even deeper. We will examine our shadows – the parts of ourselves we hide or are unconscious about. In the process, we’ll get feedback from one another in the group. This feedback will make us explore judgments we have made about one another. It will also make us discover how judgments may not be something to fear much about. Further, we will go deeper into looking at our triggers and healing old wounds. This will tend to resolve our conflicts. It will show us how it can be a tool of breakthrough and not just breakdown.

We’ll also look into the shadows in the world. These are the unheard voices that want to convey something to us? We will experience the leadership skills hidden within us. As a result we’ll find our superpowers. These are the unique gifts we have. We will also face our kryptonite – the weaknesses that limit us. Finally, we’ll have a weekend retreat in a place in Nature, where we will see what transformation awaits us. There we can celebrate our journey of Deep Dive to its completion!

4 weeks @ two times a week (Mondays and Thursdays 7pm-9pm and one Saturday night stay-over)

Module 1: Know ThySelf

  1. The Magic Outside the Comfort Zone
  2. Know Your Patterns
  3. Meet Your Fears
  4. Breakdown To Breakthrough
  5. Critical Thinking
  6. Body Wisdom
  7. The Artist Within
  8. Empowerment and Celebration

Module 2: Authentic Relating

  1. Boundaries and Consent
  2. Intimacy As Shared Vulnerability
  3. Interpersonal Meditation
  4. Gender & Sexuality
  5. Love and Relationships
  6. Conscious Communication
  7. Slowing Down’ Through Conflicts
  8. Building Community

Module 3: The World and Me

  1. The World As It Is
  2. Feelings For The World
  3. Power and Privilege
  4. Visioning A New World
  5. Pathways Of Change
  6. My Story, My Gifts
  7. Living Out My Purpose

A Deeper Dive

  1. Engaging the Shadows (Unknown Parts) of Yourself
  2. From Safe Space to Brave Space
  3. Conflict Transformation
  4. Transforming Fear of Judgment
  5. Superpowers and Kryptonite
  6. Listening to the Shadows (Unheard Voices) in Society
  7. Dare To Lead
  8. The Wild Me
  9. Nature as Guide

What are you waiting for? Join Deep Dive: An 80 Hour Self Improvement Workshop in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX.

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What are the activities of self-improvement?

The activities of self-improvement are self-analysis, reading, writing, self-suggestion, self-care, yoga practice and meditation. All these activities take you to your desired goals of wellness.

What are the 8 simple self-improvement techniques?

8 simple self-improvement techniques are starting your day afresh, practicing kindness and generosity, acceptance, learning, addressing fears, changing, and believing yourself.

What are 3 areas of self-improvement?

3 areas of self-improvement are the body, the mind and the spirit. Start with your body which you know the best in a tangible manner. The body affects the mind, and the mind affects the spirit.

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Deep Dive: Self Improvement Workshop in Bangalore at FLUX
Deep Dive: Self Improvement Workshop In Bangalore At Flux

We are offering Deep Dive: An 80 Hour Deep Dive: Self Improvement Workshop in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX starting in January 2020.

Service Type: Self Improvement Workshop

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