Meticulous Theatre Direction Classes in Bangalore at FLUX

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2023)

Theatre Direction Classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

We are coming up with theatre direction classes in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX. You may want to be the acting hero but only a director has the power to turn you into one!

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But first let me ask you a few questions. It’s regarding what you think these classes are essentially going to be like.

Theatre Direction Classes In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

1. What does it take to be a director?

2. How is a theatre director different from a film director?

3. What are the principles of direction and what are the rules of direction?

4. Are there any rules?

5. What about ethical and moral rules?

The Director’s Role:

A director clearly has a lot of power to make important decisions. But that also invests the idea of responsible and ethical decision making on the director. At FLUX, we are soon going to offer theatre direction classes. These are not only process driven but also take into account theoretical and ethical direction. As an actor, the actor entrusts the director with him or herself.

Thus it becomes the director’s responsibility to choreograph the piece and the people with love and care. Many directors can easily look at actors as resources. They just forget they are human beings who feel and get affected by their role. At FLUX, we also make sure that we train our budding directors into responsible and caring people first. They must learn how to manage power dynamics.

Therefore these theatre direction classes are very well rounded with understandings of stage composition, script transformation for stage, lighting, sound, art direction, ethical direction and of course how to train actors.

The actors are the soul of the piece and without them the stage cannot come alive. Therefore, here we make sure the actors can come alive in all ways possible using voice, body and the mind!

Direction Classes Near Me

Theatre Direction Classes In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Recently, with the outburst of Netflix, Amazon, Facebook media and many online channels, many people have been typing the words “direction classes near me”. Many have even gone to institutes like national academy of cinema and television. There they wish to train as directors or as an acting hero. But theatre direction classes have also picked up in smaller ways in different parts of our city. So for example someone living in Indiranagar doesn’t need to go all the way to national academy of cinema and television to study direction or acting.

And given the political and geographical layout, many people prefer to go to central well-connected areas or near their homes. Indiranagar is very well connected to entire Bangalore. It even has its own metro station, which makes FLUX accessible and easily reachable. And since this is a very centrally located area, one can even find buses or car pools. They generally keep exiting and entering Indiranagar.

Direction Classes in Bangalore

Theatre Direction Classes In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

But let’s get back to our first question. What does it take to be a director?

It not only takes story development skills but also stage management, actor management and organization skills. It also takes decision-making skills because if the director is confused and doesn’t know his/her mind, the director can’t really influence or keep together a group of people with integrity for the story and for the group. So, a director not only needs to understand the basics of all stage: right from script to lighting, but also curation of the story; what to keep in, what to keep out and how to convey all of this to the actors.

So is a director also a curator?

Yes, we think so. A director makes all the final decisions along with the group on how to represent the story and what bits of the story receive extra stage time and what receive less. These are curation responsibilities. At FLUX, we also think and talk about how to decide what is important for the story and what is not.

Art Direction Classes


But other than the story and stage logistics, there is a whole other layer of direction that works on the mood of the story. This is art direction.

At FLUX, we will also offer focused classes on art direction to understand color, mood, sound, props, wardrobe etc for theatre direction. Art direction is the juice of the whole theatre act. In fact it is probably the most important facilitator for the story.

As soon as an audience sees a stage, they take in a special mood. It makes them carry the same within themselves through the whole stage show. This is where the art director comes in to make sure that sound, props, story and lights are being received in the correct way.

This idea of receiving and knowing how an audience will receive a certain piece is also a director’s job. It comes out of close observance and experience. It also would require the director to be well read. The knowledge about different narrative structures like linear, non linear, abstract, surreal etc is extremely important. We at FLUX offer an introduction to all of these terms and talk about them in theory through watching different forms of film as well.

Drama Direction Classes in Bangalore

Theatre Direction Classes In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

FLUX is coming up with drama direction classes in Bangalore, which are well rounded and offer an insight into all aspects of direction and theatre making. This is because we are a multidisciplinary art organization with excellent artists that belong to each and every field of design and art.

We wish to provide a very well rounded approach towards drama direction. It should make the director feel confident and ready to create masterpieces. In fact the great ideas are always running in a creative mind. You just need to create a conducive environment for them to pop up spontaneously. At FLUX, we like to make imaginations turn into reality. Hence as a space we are happy to provide all kinds of facilities for that too!

Theatre Direction Classes Near Me


So the next time you are typing and searching for “direction classes near me”, we hope you choose us because we have great and elaborate plans made for theatre lovers, actors, art directors, lighting and sound technicians or for anyone who is passionate about theatre making!

As a cherry on the top, The FLUX Movement Company puts up a show almost every fortnight and we would love to have you join us in any way you would like to! This is where you can apply your theoretical skills and see how they pan out in a practical and real setting. At FLUX, we like to bridge the gap between teaching and application by providing real life projects that you can be part of in order to grow and learn!

Join our theatre direction classes in Bangalore at FLUX. Give us a call on 9606555607 NOW!


How to learn theatre directing?

People who are naturally good theatre directors have specific traits in their personality that spontaneously make them so. But you can learn those specific traits with training as well.

What is directing in theatre?

A director visualizes the script in his/her mind’s eye. For this, one needs to be a master of imagination. One also needs to be a master of human emotions to work up an involving emotional graph.

How to be a good director?

A good director needs patience, authority, deep understanding of human nature, a literary mind-set, appreciation of visual aesthetics and mastery over creating emotional climaxes and anti-climaxes.

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Meticulous Theatre Direction Classes in Bangalore at FLUX
Meticulous Theatre Direction Classes In Bangalore At Flux

FLUX is coming up with theatre direction classes in Bangalore, which are well rounded and offer an insight into all aspects of direction.

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