Natural Film Acting Course in Bangalore by Manal Ahmed at FLUX

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Film Acting Course in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX by Manal Ahmed

Film Acting Course In Bangalore

FLUX offers Film Acting Course in Bangalore Indiranagar starting 24th March 2021, facilitated by Manal Ahmed. He is a well-known and a highly experienced trainer in the field.

The Film Acting Course in Bangalore at FLUX provides students with short acting training workshops. It demands full immersion into learning the art and the craft of acting.

This course will focus on building the foundation of natural acting and specifically focusing on acting for camera.

We train actors to live their characters every single moment throughout their performance.

Opening up Exercises

Opening-Up Exercises

In our 15 day Film Acting Course, we will start off with opening up exercises.

These exercises help students get comfortable with one another. They also break any sort of mental barrier which makes an actor hesitant to perform.

Opening-up exercises play a vital role in an actor’s progress in the workshop.

Actors find doing them much easier as the days pass by.

They also help them perform more freely.

Tools of Acting

Tools Of Acting

Moving on with specific work on the tools of acting helps actors understand them better and work on them further.

Every actor must enhance their tools of acting for better understanding of characters. These tools enable them to perform the way as is expected from an actor.

In fact tools of acting need everyday practice and require polishing them constantly for the betterment of the craft.

Acting Exercises

Acting Exercises

Next, the workshop helps the students to enhance their acting abilities through intensive acting exercises.

These acting exercises work as a guiding light to the actors to become better at their craft.

Different actors need different approaches and different exercises depending on their capabilities and understanding about the art of acting

Acting exercises are rigorous and demand full immersion by the students.

That’s why we give so much importance to immersion training!



One of the key elements of an actor is the ability to understand the essence of a character.

This workshop works on character building by learning how to understand the nature of the character.

Characterization needs intensive work and practice.

In fact you need to be able in order to read behind the lines.

In other words, you need to read the empty spaces in between the dialogues and the actions.

That is how you can successfully build up characterization.


Film Acting Course In Bangalore

Understanding the meaning behind the lines is an art that needs special training for actors.

We work on script and scene analysis that helps actors understand how to approach a script.

Scenes are individually shot with costume and props so that the actors may use them for future audition purposes.

The scenes shot are watched and analyzed in the class to give actors a better perspective.

Scene work is a rigorous process and actors have an on-the-set experience while shooting.



Post scene-work, actors are given audition tips and important information regarding how to approach an audition.

This helps actors learn how to record introductions with a casting director in-person and also to record the same themselves.

Audition looks for visual as well as for auditory inputs.

You need to be a master of both.

You also need to make the two inputs congruent to each other.

Voice Training

Voice Training

Up next comes voice training for the actors as it’s one of the most important parts in the training.

Any actor, in order to understand them, should be able to speak clearly.

That’s where the voice training comes into its own.

Also, in order to modulate their voice depending on the scene, an actor needs to have a dynamic voice which can be trained easily.

It’s a must for actors to train their voice.

Philosophy of Acting

Philosophy Of Acting

Overall, in this workshop we train actors to act naturally and not intellectualize the process. Life otherwise trains us to speak and behave in a manner that conforms to the societal norms. We need to follow protocols even if they are not truthful. But in acting, we urge actors to behave truthfully and not to intellectualize life.

A good actor always acts from their gut and not their head.

We train actors to act on the spur of the moment and thus learn to live from moment to moment. It means to be spontaneous and not plan the next moment unlike what we do in life.

How to Join 15-day Film Acting Course in Bangalore at FLUX by Manal Ahmed?

Film Acting Course In Bangalore

Manal Ahmed is the facilitator of this 15-day Film Acting Course in Bangalore at FLUX. He has been training acting for camera workshops for the past 3 years. He also has a theatre experience of 10 years.

This 15-day Film Acting Course in Bangalore at FLUX is going to be a unique learning experience. But it does require a serious commitment from its participants.

No significant prior experience or knowledge is required. What‘s actually required is just a little passion and a lot of commitment.

Are you interested in joining this 15-day Film Acting Course in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX?

If yes, just give us a call on 9606555607 today!

Film Acting Course In Bangalore


Which course is best for acting?

Film acting course stands at the top of all other courses as far as learning acting is concerned. But associated courses like theatre acting, screenwriting, direction are also recommended.

Can I learn acting in Bangalore?

Certainly, yes! There are many opportunities in Bangalore available for learning acting whether it is for theatre or for films. You can take admission to any course providing either of the two.

How to learn film acting?

To a certain extent, film acting is a natural talent that a person is born with like it happens with singing or having musical ears. But even nurture works and practice make a man perfect.

What is the qualification for film actor?

There is no compulsory requirement for becoming a film actor. But a previous training in drama, dance, martial arts or stand up comedy could always be helpful in getting an entry into acting.

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Natural Film Acting Course in Bangalore | Manal Ahmed | FLUX
Natural Film Acting Course In Bangalore By Manal Ahmed At Flux

Natural Film Acting Course in Bangalore at FLUX provides students with acting training workshops to learn the art and the craft of acting.

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