Insane Flow: Yoga International Day in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX 2022

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Insane Flow: International Day of Yoga in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX 2022

We are celebrating Yoga International Day in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX with an event INSANE FLOW on 21 June 2022. The event is in collaboration with Insane AI that has developed an interesting and helpful yoga app for the occasion. 

Insane Flow: Yoga International Day of Yoga in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX 2022

The practice of yoga is said to have started since the early dawn of civilization 5000 years ago. Those were the ages when, mythologically, the gods still incarnated on earth. The earliest mention of yoga can be found in the Rigveda. It is the most ancient one out of the 4 vedas as well as the most significant one of them.

The History of Yoga

The first man to document yoga as a physical lifestyle practice was Maharishi Patanjali. Over the years, Yoga has taken many forms. The most popular among them has been the form of stubbornness called Hatha Yoga in Sanskrit.

Another popular one has been the form of devotion to God called Bhakti Yoga in Sanskrit. And the most recently, to match up with the intensity of today’s lifestyle, yoga has molded itself as Power Yoga. You can also check another very popular modern form named Aerial Yoga on our Yoga Archive Page. On yoga international day, we salute all these veterans who brought yoga to such great heights! 

Insane Flow - Yoga International Day In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

The Purpose of Yoga

But in any form, the purpose of yoga has always been the same up to this yoga international day! It’s to unite one’s soul with the cosmic soul. To some people this unison might mean peace of mind whereas to others, an enhancement in physical balance and strength. Yoga has many streams from healing through the power of meditation to using herbs from nature for health. Yet the physical stream has become the most popular one of them all as on the present day. In fact, every country in the world is practicing yoga in some or the other form today. Popularized by celebrities, it is believed that 300 million people around the world practice yoga on a daily basis. 

An Entire Philosophy of Life

Insane Flow____Yoga International Day In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

So what makes this form of fitness so popular? Well, there’s no single answer to this question. To put it simply, yoga is just not a way of fitness, it’s rather an entire philosophy of life. In yoga, we believe that if one can control one’s mind, one can control every single aspect of one’s life.

Yoga teaches one to control one’s mind by vigorously training one’s body in practicing yoga postures as a daily routine. Over time when one gains total control over one’s body, the mind enlightens achieving salvation. A true yogi is the one who has achieved the mind body balance and hence leads a minimalistic life. That’s what we need to keep in mind on yoga international day this year too.

Yoga is for everyone. It’s so for a beginner wanting to learn the basics such as Surya Namaskar. And it’s so for an advanced practitioner who wants to learn how to stand inverted on one’s head, too.

Our Plans on This International Yoga Day 2022

Insane Flow____Yoga International Day In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

It is unfortunate that yoga has become more popular in the West than in its native land today. But we, with our collaborators at Insane AI, want to revert this scenario on this yoga international day.  Insane AI has developed a very helpful app. In this app, an AI buddy helps you to correct your posture. Not only this but it also counts your reps for you. Insane AI app has gamified fitness for you and made it a super exciting fun to play and perform.

Have you ever given up on your fitness journey because it became too boring?

Well, Insane AI is here to motivate you. 

Lose yourself in the healing arms of this two thousand years old practice and go with the Insane Flow. With this app, Insane AI has tried to blend the age old tradition with the new and advanced AI. 

And the result? You have a new workout buddy! Count on it to make your fitness journey innovative and fun. 

Let’s Celebrate Yoga International Day 2022 This Year Together

Insane Flow - Yoga International Day Celebration Event In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

We believe that fitness training is not complete unless yoga is an integral part of it. That is why we are inviting you to our very first Yoga International Day Celebration Event in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX named INSANE FLOW on 21 June 2022.

And above all, the entry is totally free! Also enjoy a complimentary Yogic meal after your workout!

Join us for an informative session of yoga with a nutritional and healthy breakfast at FLUX dot at 7 am. We heartily invite you to be a part of this event.

Free breakfast will be provided to all participants. 

Call 9606555607 or 9611609858 to register.


FLUX, 2nd Floor, 607, 12th Main Rd, 7th Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Hoping to see you all on 21 June 2022, 7am at Flux, Indiranagar on this Yoga International Day!


Why is International Yoga Day celebrated?

It’s celebrated to pay a tribute to yoga for having benefited humanity in physical, mental and spiritual domains individually as well as collectively on 21st June every year.

Why is Yoga important?

Yoga is important as it miraculously increases flexibility and balance not only in the body but also in the mind as well as in the spirit. It also increases strength considerably.

What is the theme of International Yoga Day?

The theme of International Yoga Day 2022 was ‘Yoga for Humanity’. It’s a very easy system to follow without the need of any elaborate gadgetry and can be practiced by all.

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