Fluxonic: Hilarious Vaudeville Entertainment & Variety Show in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX

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Fluxonic: Hilarious Vaudeville Entertainment & Variety Show

Fluxonic: Hilarious Vaudeville Entertainment & Variety Show is a recurring event by FLUX school of arts, which gives a stage and voice to a wide range of artists to showcase their art forms. At FLUX we believe that every art form is a special way for an artist to express themselves, which is why apart from planned events, Fluxonic also includes open mics, and games where we aim to bring out the artist in every single audience member.

FLUXONIC: Vaudeville Entertainment & Variety Show in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX on 29 June 2024
FLUXONIC: Vaudeville Entertainment & Variety Show in Bangalore Indiranagar at FLUX on 30 June 2024

This session of Fluxonic comes to you with a wide range of performances and interesting artists who will use a wide range of art forms to mesmerize you, motivate you, make you laugh, make you cry and make you think. Here are some events you can expect to see in this session of the event Fluxonic.

Vaudeville Theater: Sab Kuchh Theek Thaak Hai (A Satirical Comedy Play)

Fluxonic - Vaudeville Entertainment &Amp; Variety Show

The play is a satire on the state of schools and the overall education system. It takes a fictional comical point of view on every aspect of the education system, from how schools are run, how teachers are hired, to how the thing that receives least priority in today’s education system, is, education.

The play opens with a flirtatious rich owner of a school who is interested in money and flirting with women, a lady principal who is interested in makeup and a local politician who is interested in power, but as it evolves it brings to life even more hilarious and interesting characters who face interviews for a teacher’s position. A rowdy hooligan, a social media influencer and a model who make their first attempt at getting a teacher’s job.

Amidst all this is a genuine teacher, who has been demoted to the level of a watchman but is still struggling to provide education to students who need it, while multi-tasking between the duties of a watchman, a janitor, and a teacher.

An original script by flux drama school member Rajiv Popat. The first scene of the play draws some inspiration from Modern Interview but quickly diverges into a situational comedy of misaligned interests, greed, power, lust, and management’s desire to keep saying “sab kuchh theek thaak hai” in the middle of all this.

Vaudeville Poetry Recital by Ravi Maurya

Vaudeville Poetry Recital By Ravi Maurya

Poems about love, and emotions. Poems that surprise you and mesmerize you. Poems that take you through an emotional ride and ask questions about relationships that need to be asked.

These captivating poems brings the power of words to life. They offer unique viewpoints, dreams, aspirations of love and observations through the art of poetry. They nudge you to delve into the depths of human emotion and experience. Every poem is heartfelt and is a tribute to the complexity and beauty of the human condition and relationships.

As the age old saying about art goes, Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. These poems will do both.

Vaudeville Music: Live Singing Performance by Akarshan

Fluxonic - Vaudeville Entertainment &Amp; Variety Show

An incredible singing performance that will make you feel good, uplift your emotions, and leave you in awe. Come experience the power of songs like never before. An event of captivating strong vocals that will take you to the realm of unadulterated musical joy.

These Songs will captivate you with the singer’s alluring and poignant performances. Get ready to be charmed as the singers delivers every song, straight from their heart to yours. Take in the rich tapestry of sound performed using a wide range of musical styles, from classic favorites to modern hits.

Bollywood: Vaudeville Dance Performance

Fluxonic - Vaudeville Entertainment &Amp; Variety Show

Come prepared to move to the pulse of Bollywood melodies at our amazing Bollywood Dancing Extravaganza! Come experience an amazing event that will take you right into the heart of Bollywood with its stunning dancing, elegant moves, and contagious energy.

Watch as our gifted dancers enliven the classic rhythms and motions of Indian cinema, capturing the charm of Bollywood dance. This performance is a celebration of the vibrant and rich culture of Bollywood.

Take in the heart-pounding beats of Bollywood music as our dancers perform a dynamic fusion of modern and traditional forms. Whether you’re a devoted Bollywood fan or not, there’s something for everyone to appreciate, from timeless tunes to the newest chart-toppers.

Hula Hoop Performance By Vaudeville Performer Febi

Fluxonic - Vaudeville Entertainment &Amp; Variety Show

Prepare to be mesmerized by a trip into the world of a unique art form as Febi showcases.

She reality defies hula hoop tricks and maneuvers gracefully accompanied with comforting music and breathtaking dance.

This unforgettable spectacle will be a feast for your senses.

Open Mic: Stand Up Comedy By Vaudeville Comedians

Fluxonic - Vaudeville Entertainment &Amp; Variety Show

Get ready to laugh until your stomach hurts! Now is the perfect opportunity to let loose your inner comic and experience an event filled with wit, humor, and non stop laughing!

Our stage will host both regular performers and artists performing stand-up comedy for the first time as they take center stage and entertain you with your interesting anecdotes, astute observations, and gags which make you roll over.

Anyone from the audience is welcome to perform their talent on the stage too!

Experience a wide range of humorous philosophies and approaches from the artists which ensure that there is something enjoyable for everyone. Flux as a community and Fluxonic as an event, honors the diverse spectrum of humor in all its forms, featuring everything from clever one-liners to hilarious storytelling.

Improv Games By Improv Vaudeville Performers

Fluxonic - Vaudeville Entertainment &Amp; Variety Show

Come prepared to laugh, discover new things, and let your imagination run wild at our Improv Comedy Games! Come enjoy an event of unplanned humor as we show you the joy and advantages of improv through a sequence of engaging exercises, shows, and games.

Watch our improvisers as they take the stage to showcase the beauty of spontaneous storytelling, fast thinking, and group scene work. Join them off stage and on stage to discover the power of creativity and spontaneity. You’ll be astounded by the wit and creativity on exhibit, from endearing characters to surprising premises and stories.

But the good times don’t end there! With our engaging games, you will explore the world of improv yourself and discover your inner comic while also gaining confidence. Laugh out loud as you see firsthand the importance of active listening skills, participate in group activities, and learn something important about how improv makes you a better person.

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Fluxonic: Hilarious Vaudeville Entertainment & Variety Show
Fluxonic: Hilarious Vaudeville Entertainment &Amp; Variety Show In Bangalore Indiranagar At Flux

Fluxonic: Vaudeville Entertainment & Variety Show is a recurring event by FLUX that gives a stage and a voice to artists to showcase their talents.

Service Type: Vaudeville Entertainment & Variety Show

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